The Knotted Rosary Prayer Rope

The Knotted Rosary Prayer Rope is a 33Knots Exclusive.

This Prayer Rope has 100 knots and is tied in a way that it resembles a Rosary Necklace. Not to confuse people, this is not a classic Rosary, this is actually an Christian Orthodox Prayer Rope that is traditionally used for extra concentration during prayer and to count the prayers. When you compare the Knotted Rosary with a normal 100 Knot prayer necklace you will see that the only differences are its length (instead of 35cm its 50cm) and the spaces between the knots. Its the spaces between the knots that give it the rosary look.

Just like the normal prayer necklace these knotted rosaries are made in line with ancient Orthodox tradition, the Knots are tied in the exact same way and are of course blessed by the Church.

These Knotted Rosaries are available in our store

The rosary has been very popular for a long time now, but sadly it became more of a fashion statement over the years.. although the Knotted rosary is similar the “just as a fashion statement” issue is further away for these necklaces. Almost all the people that wear a prayer necklace and the ones that are going to wear the knotted rosary are aware of the heritage and history that comes with these items. Of course there will be exceptions but not a lot. For the ones interested in the full story of the prayer rope you can read more on the history here.

We started out good and have introduced several colors and styles that set these knotted rosaries apart. You can also choose between Knotted Rosary Necklaces with and without dividers. Dividers can be cross beads or just normal beads in several colors.

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