Great Blogs and Hidden Talents

The great thing about the internet is that everybody can start a website or a blog. That everybody can write about their passion, hobby’s, thoughts and feelings without having to invest a lot of money or have a publisher to make themselves heard. This freedom has sprouted many careers and successful businesses.

Not all content on the internet is great but that is not the point, the point is that everybody can express themselves without limitation. But then again there is also exceptional content, so every now and then while surfing the vast Net, you come across talent that would have been hidden if not for the Internet.

We (me and Tiff) found this hidden talent at Glossy’s Wardrobe, this blog is run by Talita. If you read her posts you will understand that her passion is fashion. Looking at her fast majority of followers and positive comments on her posts, I am sure that her talent did not go unnoticed.

Although she herself points out that she is not a fashionista, and only covers her own personal clothing preferences. I do see an own clothing style, which is pretty individual and fashion icon worthy. The cool thing is that she almost exclusively covers fashion that she herself wears. So no impossible and non practical outfits.

Next to her Fashion blog she also has a successful beauty and general life blog, another of Talita’s passions. The fashion blog is actually a sister blog of the Beauty blog. I am pretty sure her beauty blog is exceptional too. Take a look yourself: The Gloss Goss

The 33Knots team is already a big fan, I am sure you will be so too.

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