What Is a Spiritual Garden?

Tending To Your Spiritual Garden

A spiritual garden is about you and your relationship with God.  Just like any other garden, you have to tend to it, especially if you want to reap a good harvest.  It’s a funny concept for some people because they can’t actually see it, but they can see their garden by just looking at their life and their relationship with God.  For example: Marie is in her mid-twenties and doesn’t have her stuff together.  She floats from boyfriend to boyfriend because she doesn’t want to be alone and parties more than she works.  The company she keeps is less than desirable and her relationship with God is on standby, unless she really needs something and then she prays for what she wants.

Just by reading Marie’s short summary of her life, it’s safe to assume her garden is neglected.  You can see the plants ripped out including the roots and vegetables rotten and the soil unusable.  The thin fence she had up to protect her garden is torn down and trampled on.  It’s an exact mirror image of Marie’s current state and it’s all because she isn’t tending to her garden, herself.  She’s lost somewhere in the sea of less than desirable company and endless partying.

Putting Up a Fence

Spiritual Garden

Fountain at St Anthony’s Greek Monastery garden.

Fences can be for decoration but their main purpose is to keep things and people out.  A lot of people who live next to people who own cows put up fences around their garden just in case the cows get loose; they won’t help themselves to the garden.  So when you put up a fence around your garden, make sure it’s a firm and sturdy one, not a flimsy and weak one.  This is for your own protection.  By putting up a fence, you’re assuming responsibility for your garden by not letting everyone into it.  They can view it with the fence between them and the garden but they can’t step on in.

The fence is a symbolic representation of keeping people out of your business (your garden) in your waking life.  That means not letting everyone into your garden.  If you were to let everyone into your garden, they’ll overrun it, just like what happened to Marie’s.  Be cautious of the people you let enjoy your garden (your business) because not everyone has your garden’s best interest at heart, even the ones closest to you.

Tending To Your Spiritual Garden

Just like a physical garden, you have to put work into it, even when you don’t feel like it.  Now that the fence is up, It’s time to prepare the soil. Perhaps in your sectioned off area you notice a few weeds here and there. Take the time to pluck them and rid of them. Weeds can represent negative feelings, people or nuisances. When you remove them, it’s time to prep the soil. Dig the soil to loosen it, helping you shed the old communication with God and bringing forth the new soil for a new communication. Put your hopes, dreams, faith and other things you find necessary into the new soil. Once you have finished with the soil, it’s time to figure out what to plant. How about some flowers and fruit? The flowers will represent your relationship with God and the fruit will represent your hard labor to please God in your waking life. As you plant each seed, imagine where you want to be in that area.

A Thing to Consider

Stormy weather (obstacles) will come and could possibly hurt some of your garden. But keep in mind with the love of God, a strong relationship with Him can repair your garden. Whatever you do, don’t stop tending to your garden. Always keep working on it! There’s also more you can grow or keep growing.


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  1. Yes, put up the fence. But make sure there is a gate in it that you can open to let people IN as well.

    • Yeah, that is a good point. Be selective and cautious but don’t make it a “Berlin” wall.

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