Avoiding the Temptation of Greener Grass

The Temptation of Greener Grass

Grass is Greener on the Other Side

A lot of people today live by that saying and what’s even more depressing is people seriously feel that way. They’re more concerned with what someone else has than being grateful for what they have. The saying couldn’t be more far from the truth and the person who decided to share that saying with the rest of the world probably never had a content day in their life!  They probably always strived for what others had that the person probably never lived their life.  The truth is that some will have it worse than you and others will have it better than you, but just because one may have it better, doesn’t mean they don’t face hardships of their own, maybe worse than yours. People don’t think of it that way because more than not people only think about how they feel, not how others feel.

Temptation of Greener Grass

George and Wallace

George and Wallace have been very good friends since high school. However, the two have been drifting apart on George’s accord.  George has been facing difficult times.  He lost his job, his house and has him and his wife living in a nice upper end apartment. George is embarrassed but he’s also jealous of Wallace because since high school it has always seemed like Wallace had the best financial luck.  He lives in a nice big house, drives brand new cars once a year, travels all over the world on vacation and many more luxurious things.  What George doesn’t know is the battle Wallace is facing behind closed doors.  His wife has left him and he’s utterly alone.  What George wants of Wallace’s, Wallace would gladly trade to have a loving supporting family like George has.

Free Your Mind

God doesn’t want us to be envious of others; He wants us to be content with what we have been given and be happy for others.  Sure, it’s easier written than done but we have to practice this or we’ll never be free. People always want more that they don’t even have time to stop and reflect on what they do have!  Comparing what you have to others is a grave mistake and will only breed misery.  So free your mind of comparisons and live freely, the way God intended you to.  If you’re having trouble, bring it to God.  There’s nothing that will surprise Him because he already knows every feeling that has coursed through you, to every thought that’s entered your mind like a piece of paper in the wind.  Coming to Him and being honest will help you out more than you could have ever thought.

Avoiding the Green Grass Temptation

The best way to avoid the green grass temptation is to control your thoughts and worry about yourself.  When you’re facing a difficult time, the enemy loves to kick us while we’re down and that includes encouraging thoughts about how so and so has it SO much better.  When these thoughts enter your thought stream, make sure to think that they’re going through difficult times you don’t know about.  This will help you think clearly.  If it gets harder to do, like mentioned above, call out to God and He will help you fight this battle before it gets worse.  Some people become so engrossed with what others have that it becomes an unhealthy obsession that is harder to rid as time goes on.  So to avoid all of this, keep your focus on yourself and be content with what God has given you.  In due time when He feels you’re ready, He’ll give you more.

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