Orthodox Keychains

Orthodox Keychains

In addition to our Prayer Bracelets and Prayer Necklaces we also would like to introduce several other Orthodox Products. On this page you will find the Knotted Orthodox Keychain. This keychain is also made out of the special knots our Orthodox Prayer Ropes are made off.

These Keychains are treasured gifts loved ones and friends give to each other. Like the traditional prayer ropes these keychains are blessed by the Orthodox Church. Because of this purification people lik to wear these for added spiritual protection.

The knotted keychain is available in a variety of trendy colors, in future we will expand the color palette. In the centre of this keychain you will find a metal Orthodox Cross bead.

We hope that our customers will enjoy this product like the other products we offer. We will be introducing several more “Feel Good” orthodox products in the near future.


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