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Apostle Peter

The Story of Apostle Peter

Apostle Peter was born in Besthaida near the Lake Gennesaret. He was the brother of Apostle Andrew and along with the Apostles Jacob and John, they were fishermen. He used to live in Capernaum, where his wife was coming from. We are certain that he was married because Jesus healed his mother in law. There […]

Apostle Paul's Peregrinations

Apostle Paul’s Peregrinations Part 2

About the fourth peregrination the information we have is very poor and indirect. Right after his exemption from accusations Paul travelled “to the end of the West”. It is estimated that he went as far as Spain and then he left for the East, visiting the Churches of Ephesus, Macedonia, Crete, Miletus, Nikopolis, Troad, Corinth […]

Apostle Paul's Peregrinations

Apostle Paul’s Peregrinations Part 1

The first of two post on Apostle Paul’s Peregrinations Paul’s First Apostolic Peregrination as described in the Acts (chapters 13-14) included Cyprus, Antioch and cities of South Galatia (Iconio, Lystra and Thervi). He was accompanied by Apostle Varnavas and the latter’s nephew John-Mark who abandoned the peregrination in Pergue for unknown reasons. They decided to […]

Apostle Paul's Conversion

Apostle Paul’s Conversion

The Story continues with Apostle Paul’s Conversion The second post in our Apostle Paul’s series focusses on his conversion. Here is the link to the first part. His conversion was not the result of some apostle’s persuasion but the result of the miraculous Lord’s appearance to him (Acts 9:2-18). As he was riding, a great […]

Apostle Paul Introduction

Apostle Paul Introduction

This is a series of post on Apostle Paul we will start with an introduction. Widely known as the Apostle to the Gentiles, Apostle Paul was not one of the twelve. On the contrary – as I suppose many of you know – he was a grand persecutor of Christianity. He was born in the […]

pentecost history

Pentecost – The History

The Story of the Pentecost The Pentecost feast is coming up this week, so here the first post explaining the history, we will follow up with a post about the feast. Pentecost was one of the great feasts of the Israelites. It was celebrated fifty days after Pessah in remembrance of the deliverance of the Ten […]

Saint Constantine

Saint Constantine The Great (Part 2)

We continue on Saint Constantine: The other great thing he did was the transfer of the Empire’s capital from Rome to the region Byzantis, this way establishing the Byzantium – the new Byzantine Empire.  His decision was based on the fact that the place offered the advantage of having already been extensively rebuilt on Roman […]

Saint Constantine

Saint Constantine The Great (Part1)

The story of Saint Constantine the Great Constantine the Great was born at Naissus, today’s city of  Niš in Upper Moesia (modern Serbia and Montenegro) sometime around 273 A.D. His parents were the high ranked Roman officer Constantius I Chlorus and St Helen. He grew up under the Christian principles of his mother and the […]

Feast of Saint Helen

Feast of Saint Helen

Great Feast of Saint Helen On May 21st we have a great feast coming up. May 21st is the day the orthodoxy celebrates the memory of equal to Apostles Constantine the Great and his mother St Helen.  The story starts at Drepanum in the province of Bithynia of Asia Minor where on 248 A.D. St […]

Saint George and the Dragon

Saint George and the Dragon

One of my favorite stories Saint George and the Dragon One of the most famous and loved Saints in Eastern Orthodoxy is Saint George. His great story begins in the year 275 when he was born. His father was a respected Roman Officer and head of a highly regarded and wealthy Christian family. When Saint […]


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