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Entrance Of The Theotokos Icon

The Entrance of the Theotokos Icon

In the Orthodox Church tradition, the “Entrance of the Theotokos icon” is an important and beloved icon. It is a depiction of the occasion when Mary, the mother of Jesus, was introduced to the temple by Joachim and Anna. On November 21st, the Orthodox Church commemorates this occasion, and among Orthodox Christians, the icon depicting […]

Our lady of the perpetual help Orthodox Icon

Our Lady of the Perpetual Help: An Orthodox Perspective

Orthodox Christianity has long revered the icon of Our Lady of the Perpetual Help, sometimes referred to as the Virgin of Perpetual Succor. Millions of Orthodox Christians revere this iconic image around the world as they seek the Virgin Mary’s intercession in their daily lives. We will examine this icon’s background and importance from an […]

Our Lady of The Gate Of Dawn - Virgin Mary Icon

Our Lady Of The Gate Of Dawn – Virgin Mary Icon

A beloved symbol of great significance in the Orthodox faith is the icon of Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn. Pilgrims from all over the world come to Vilnius, Lithuania, and the Church of the Gate of Dawn to see this famous sculpture. A wooden chapel was constructed in the 16th century in order […]

Glorious Orthodox Icon of the Theotokos (Virgin Mary).

The Icon of the Theotokos: History, Significance, and Interpretation

One of the most important and beloved icons in the Orthodox Christian tradition is the Icon of the Theotokos, commonly known as the Icon of the Mother of God. This icon, which depicts the Virgin Mary carrying the young Jesus in her arms, is thought to have been made by Luke the evangelist. We will […]


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