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Mercy of God

Bartimaeus And The Mercy Of God

In this blogpost we will go into the way Jesus our Lord reacts to people’s needs and problems. What is mercy? What is love? Let’s take, for example, blind Bartimaeus. We are not told how long he has suffered from his blindness. I could suppose he has been blind since the day of his birth. […]

Find inner peace

How To Find Inner Peace

Discovering Peace You’re not going to unleash the inner peace you desire within you if you’re constantly feeling sorry for yourself or walking around with a little rain cloud following you. You aren’t going to find it either if you’re never taking the time to slow down and smell the roses, to take a look […]

Give it all

Why To Give it All Every Day

Your All Every Day In your life – some days more than others – you’ll be asked to do more than you normally would. It can be picking up an extra shift at work or running an errand for someone. Sometimes you’ll be asked to do things that you don’t necessarily enjoy since you’ll be […]

Life's Storms

How to keep grounded when everything is unstable

Life’s Storms In everyone’s life a period of storm will pass through.  A storm can be a test or trial from God or it can just be life. At times the storm can be a small rain shower dampening things here and there.  Then sometimes it can be a destructive storm that lasts but for […]

opposite beliefs

Couples With Opposite Beliefs: Can It Work?

Sticking To Your Roots A lot of people think that being with someone they love; they have to share the same beliefs.  Some people believe that God doesn’t want couples with polar opposite beliefs to be together.  However, that’s not true!  God has people fall in love with one another all the time and they don’t share […]

armor of god

Putting the Armor of God On

The World The world doesn’t covet with God and the world will surely do anything and everything to tear a follower of God down.  The world caters to mans fleshly desires and that alone is one of Satan’s biggest weapons.  It’s hard to stay on a straight path when there are so many crooked exits claiming to […]

seek God

Don’t Seek the Internet, Seek God

Needing Answers When we’re born and until we pass, we will face many problems.  Some won’t be too strenuous, while others will be quite difficult to surpass.  In the midst of difficult problems we will be seeking answers and even motivation to keep on keeping on.  However, many seek these answers in all the wrong […]

The cycle of change

The Cycle Of Change

Change and Its Presence in Life Change is unavoidable. It’s no different than the seasons that come and go. More than not, God puts the desire or calling to change in our hearts. It’s like an invisible pull, almost nagging feeling that haunts until it’s either been ignored for so long that it fades or […]

being generous

Being Wealthy Starts with Being Generous

Wealth and Desire It’s no secret that plenty of people aspire to be wealthy.  They want that smoking hot sports car, the pool in the backyard and at least four vacations a year.  Sounds nice, right?  Yet, even though plenty and many people desire to be wealthy, majorities aren’t   Actually, they’re far from it.  A person […]

How to Strengthen Your Marriage

How to Strengthen Your Marriage or Relationship

Standing the Test of Time Everyone wants that ideal relationship where no matter what problem God threw at them or the devil dealt them, they would pull through it.  It’s beautiful, right?  But let’s get real.  People want that type of relationship or marriage but they don’t want to put the effort into getting to […]


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