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Alone But Not Lonely | Overcome Loneliness

Today in our society, one of the images or portrayals of ultimate happiness is to be surrounded by a lot of friends and family, and more than not to be surrounded by people with no meaning. Sadly, even though it’s an inaccurate portrayal – right along with the consumption of mass amount of money – […]


Why You Should Practice Forgiveness

Forgiveness is vital for spiritual freedom Forgiveness, it’s something a lot of people talk about all day, but never come close to actually doing it.  There are people who have been carrying a heavy burden in their heart, weighing down their spirit, and that’s the lack of forgiveness.  It could be for something a couple […]

stop gossiping

Stop the Gossiping

Gossip: When It’s Done To You You received news earlier in the week that your home is being foreclosed.  You worked as hard as you could, pray fervently, but this was meant to happen.  You don’t want to tell anyone just yet, but you do phone a good friend and tell them about your situation.  […]

focus on yourself

Keeping the Focus on Yourself | Spirituality

Wise Scripture In John 21, Jesus was speaking with Peter.  Jesus was letting Peter in on the hardships he will face once He fulfilled his ultimate destiny.  Worried that other disciples might have it easier than him, Peter turned, saw John and then asked Jesus “Lord, what about this man?” Jesus replied to Peter with […]

Time for Prayer

Squeezing In Time for Prayer

How to make time for Prayer The Hustle and Bustle of Life The world isn’t going to quit turning and the demands of life aren’t going to stop anytime soon, either.  To the point, the demands of everyday life can consume every part of you, including your prayer time with God.  People everyday make excuses […]

Spiritual Life

Having That Healthy Spiritual Life

How to have a Healthy Spiritual Life Don’t Break the Connection Prayer is vital in your spiritual journey. It not only deepens your relationship with God, but it also keeps you balanced in this chaotic world.  However, obtaining a healthy prayer life isn’t all that easy.  You’ll face many things in your spiritual journey that is […]

Simple Guideline to Prayer

Simple Guideline to Prayer

Simple steps you can use as a Guideline to Prayer Connecting With God God knows every thought that wisps through your mind and every hope and desire that is in your heart.  He even knows about the hopes and desires that are buried deep within your heart, too!  Even though He knows every aspect of […]


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