Needing Answers

When we’re born and until we pass, we will face many problems. Some won’t be too strenuous, while others will be quite difficult to surpass. In the midst of difficult problems we will be seeking answers and even motivation to keep on keeping on. However, many seek these answers in all the wrong places. They’ll ask friends, co-workers and even the internet. The thing is, the answers one seeks or needs to hear will not be answered correctly through anyone or anything else but God. That’s where you should always seek the answers.

Why the Internet Isn’t the Place

Like mentioned above, there will come a time where we will need answers. It could be about a relationship issue or a faith issue. The thing is – even though the internet is a great invention – the internet is filled with negativity and people who not only don’t see the bigger picture like God; they also don’t have your best intentions at heart like God does too. When seeking answers on the internet, the people who answer your question will usually answer from personal experience and often times, negative experiences for people are more common than pleasant ones.

Opening an Unwanted Door

Seeking answers on the internet is literally opening your front door to a sea of strangers and allowing them access into your home. It’s not smart because you don’t know these people from Adam. So if you wouldn’t allow a sea of strangers into your home, it’s wise not to allow a bunch of strangers over the internet into your personal life – nonetheless mind. Just because it’s anonymous, it doesn’t mean it’s any safer. There are plenty of people over the internet that are hurting individuals that will take no greater pleasure than causing pain – mental stress even. It’s what hurting people do.

Safe Haven in God

God knows you like the back of his hand and even if you’re unaware of it, you know Him too!  He’s no stranger, He’s your father!  He not only has your best intentions at heart, He knows and has all the answers you seek! One of the greatest things is His answers are for free! There’s no need to pay a monthly fee to subscribe to a website to ask questions. As well, there’s nothing but love and positivity coming from God. That’s more than you could ever receive from the internet. He knows all!

Putting the Effort In

It’s so easy for people to type away at their keyboard, asking questions to strangers than it is to stop and take a few moments to talk to God. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate speech, just drop a few lines. Ask the questions you seek and while you’re doing that, give all your worries to Him. You can ask wherever, whenever. God is always available twenty-four-seven.  How awesome is that? He’s at your disposable! So why don’t you start taking advantage of this gift bestowed to you from God.

Answers Take Time

God doesn’t work on our time, He works on His time. The answers you may be seeking may not be answered right away. It’s not like God hasn’t heard you, trust that He has, it just might not be the right time for you to receive an answer. While waiting to receive an answer, make sure you’re keeping an open mind to receive it. When God is ready to deliver the answer to you, He does so in many ways according to your circumstance. Keep an open mind because chances are God will deliver the answer in a way you weren’t expecting.

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