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Spiritual Life

Having That Healthy Spiritual Life

How to have a Healthy Spiritual Life

Don’t Break the Connection

Praying Spirituality Prayer is vital in your spiritual journey. It not only deepens your relationship with God, but it also keeps you balanced in this chaotic world.  However, obtaining a healthy prayer life isn’t all that easy.  You’ll face many things in your spiritual journey that is hurled your way and it may ultimately want to make you throw the towel in or at least postpone your praying.  You should never do these two things, no matter the circumstance that has led you to feel this way.  Leaving a large gap between you and God by removing prayer, it makes it all that harder to pick back up and easier to keep walking away. You may reach out again when you’re ready, but if too much time has elapsed, you’ll have to start all over to reestablish that connection.

Praise Him, Praise Him!

Praise is putting the credit where it is due and that is to almighty God.  When you praise God, whether you’re going through a massive spiritual storm or your journey is going smoothly, it not only keeps you in check, but you’re showing to God openly that you trust Him in any circumstance.  Get in the habit of praising Him.  You can start by praising Him for a few things and gradually working your way to praising Him every hour.  The things you praise Him for don’t have to be elaborate or eloquent.  It can merely be giving Him praise for your family, friends or that extra five bucks you found this morning.  It can be about anything that stirs your spirit.

Brushing Discouragement Off

No one is immune to discouragement and it can creep up on you without notice.  Discouragement can stem from numerous of things.   Maybe your co-worker received that promotion you wanted, you prayed SO hard for that position.  Possibly you’ve been praying about your marital problems and they’ve taken a turn for the worse and you barely feel like you can hold on anymore.  Discouragement makes you feel exhausted all over!  When facing discouragement, lean on God and ask Him to help brush off the discouragement.  If you don’t act quickly, it can cloud you and your connection with God.  Even if you’re exhausted from discouragement, utter a simple prayer to keep the habit going.

Have Some Patience

The world is a place where everyone wants instant gratification, instant results and instant this or that, to the point, not a lot of people have patience.  There are some people out there that pray and literally expect their prayers to be answered on the spot.  So, if you’re praying for that new position at work and didn’t get it, keep in mind that God does having something better for you.  If you’re praying for your marital issues to ease and it’s been a month with no results, keep holding on. Your prayers will be answered on His time, not yours and that can get a little frustrating because you’re used to everything being on your time.  Remember, be patient because the answer you’re looking for may be answered in a month in three days or in six months.  Keep praying about it, keep the faith and it will happen. 

Check Your Motives

The Spiritual Path Chances are you’ve probably prayed for something and it wasn’t answered.  It probably brought you great distress and major annoyance. And, a lot of time those prayers will be filed away because your motives for that prayer are all wrong, whether you’re consciously aware of it or not.  If you were praying to receive the opportunity to move into a bigger and better house, but you secretly want a bigger and better house because than you can one up your co-worker, then chances are, that prayer request will be put on hold because your motives are all wrong.  So, before praying for something, take a quick second and look deep within your heart, and ask yourself whether or not your motives are in check.

Rolling With the Punches

God will answer your prayers if your motives are in check, but sometimes He’ll make you go through hell and high water first.  It’s expected that you’ll get frustrated as you’re rolling with the punches, but always express that you trust God and His plan.  Sometimes going through hell and high water before your prayer is answered helps you appreciate the answer/blessing when it is granted.  It also shows that you were willing to do whatever He asked to have your prayer answered. So, if you’re currently jumping through rings of fire or its one thing after the other, remember your reward is not too far away! Keep praying, praising and find the good during difficult times.

Being Still With Just You and Him

A lot of people don’t know how to be still, nonetheless just be by themselves.  They always have to be doing something, going somewhere and always surrounded by people.  There’s nothing wrong with that from time to time, but if it’s constant, it’s a problem.  Just because you’re busy, it doesn’t mean you’re being fruitful and being surrounded by people, well, it doesn’t leave a lot of room or time for God.  Make an effort to make some time for God.  That means no running around, being surrounded by people.  It means just you, somewhere peaceful and quiet, while you pray/talk to Him.  Remember, God is your friend.  He’s most likely your best friend because He knows everything about you.  To keep the friendship and connection strong and healthy, that means making time for each other.

Need Guidance during prayer?

Here is a tip. Many people have a hard time to concentrate and filter the noise out while praying. To get rid of these distraction people use a prayer bracelet or prayer necklace to guide them through their prayers. Then let the knots slide through their fingers, focus and count the prayers.

We’d love to hear your tips on Healthy Spiritual Life, please leave a comment!

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