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Hollywood Prayer Rope

Hollywood Discovers the Prayer Rope

Hollywood and the Prayer Rope, really?

Hollywood has discovered the Orthodox Prayer Bracelet, an increasing number of world famous movie stars has been spotted wearing these religious bracelets.

Colin Farrell Prayer RopeIt all started with famous Orthodox athletes wearing these bracelets during their match. Star athletes like Vlade Divac (Basketball LA Lakers), Anna Kournikova (Tennis), Anna Ivanovic (Tennis), Jelena Jankovic (Tennis), Novak Djokovic (Tennis), Dejan Stankovic (Soccer) and many more all wear them. Nothing strange here cause they are all Christian Orthodox.

But soon after, Hollywood and the public followed. Now movie stars like Kristen Stewart, Colin Farrell, David Duchovny, Matthew McConaughey all wear Prayer Bracelets. And even Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green as a couple discovered the Prayer Bracelet and have bought each other matching ones.

Enrique Iglesias Prayer RopeI am not sure here but I do not think they are all Orthodox Christian, so not an item they would normally wear. But think that the story behind these items intrigued them.

With regards to couples and the Prayer Bracelet. Its a very popular item that couples give to each other in Orthodox countries. The thought behind it is that you want your partner to be kept from harm by giving him or her a blessed object.

We can say that the hype has started and we will be seeing more and more famous people wearing these bracelets in future. Maybe we will have a Orthodox Prayer Rope appearing in the fourth Twilight movie. The Saint bracelet that got its popularity from the movie was a suggestion by Kristen Stewart the leading actress, so who knows maybe she will suggest it for the 4th movie.

Nevertheless, people should not blatantly copy the celebrities and start wearing these items, unless they are familiar with its history and story behind it. I am sure the celebs wearing these bracelets or necklaces also know their meaning and their original purpose.

Its ok to wear the Prayer Rope, but know its meaning and purpose!

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  1. I noticed that Kristen Stewart wears Saint Bracelets, but I did not know that she also wears a Komboskini.

    I another picture I also have seen Robert Pattinson wearing a Komboskini. Is that because of the movie or do they wear them outside of the film.

    1. Yes they do wear these bracelets in daily life. I haven’t noticed Robert Pattinson wearing the bracelet in the movie? have you?

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