Staying Spiritually Full

When you first embark on your spiritual journey it can be very easy and exciting. But what happens when the newness wears out and you begin to slip on a few things here and there? Where it was once easy to stay dedicated, now it's easier to slack on your dedication to your spiritual journey. Don't worry, this is perfectly normal, but needs to be caught and rerouted before too much time elapses, making it much harder to sink back into your journey. The best way to not fall out of routine or off your path on your spiritual journey is to follow these few but effective steps.

Take a Breather

Taking time for yourself can be one of the wisest and healthiest things you can do. Every day, all day, you have so much clutter around you. The clutter can be from work, home-life, and a friend’s negative energy and when you're around this, it can wear you down mentally. That's why it's important to take each day and set a few minutes of your time for yourself and be by yourself. This will allow much needed "you" time and you will be given the opportunity to unwind and detox the clutter. For example: perhaps you work. Instead of going out to lunch with a bunch of co-workers, take yourself out and treat yourself to a nice lunch. Or, if you're a parent, take a half hour after the kids go to bed and have a nice cup of decaffeinated tea. Unwind and get back into the zone rejuvenated.

Practice Kindness

Believe it or not, on your spiritual journey, you’re going to have a bad day or possibly a bad week. It’ll be one of those days or weeks where it feels like the universe is just tossing it’s all at you and it’s fogged you with a not-so-nice attitude. Do you know the best way to shake off a bad day or attitude? Be nice to people, even if they don't deserve it. When you are sincerely kind to people, you are passing along a message that there are still decent people out here in the world and it encourages them to pass it along. Everyone you are kind to, believe it or not, it plants a small seed in their heads for the harvest to be a kinder person. The harvest might not happen right away, but it eventually will. As well, what you put out in this world, you will receive back.

Obtain Spiritual Information

Your spiritual journey will not end until your last breath and that’s why it’s so vital you are cautious as to what you allow into your life, nonetheless read or watch. Always try to read a spiritual book or watch something encouraging of God’s work. No matter if you attend mass ritualistically or you've never attended church and have no intentions of doing so, obtaining spiritual information through reading is a very powerful thing during your journey. It keeps your mind focused and ever growing with knowledge. It’s fuel for you to keep continuing on your path.


Coveting With Like-minded People

It is perfectly okay to be friends with people who don't have the same spiritual views as you, but you won't be spiritually satisfied or content. When you group together with like-minded people with similar to exact spiritual views, you can be more open spiritually and receive gratification. You can have intellectual conversations broadening your horizons and it allows you to deepen your connection with people. If you find yourself surrounded by people who don’t have the same views, maybe’s it’s time to start looking. It doesn’t have to be in person because thanks to modern technology, you can chat with someone across the world that has the same spiritual views as you. So don’t let that stop you from wanting to fulfill your desire to have friends who are like-minded or in sync with your spiritual views.

Take that half hour and Stay Spiritually Full

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