Change and Its Presence in Life

Change is unavoidable. It's no different than the seasons that come and go. More than not, God puts the desire or calling to change in our hearts. It's like an invisible pull, almost nagging feeling that haunts until it's either been ignored for so long that it fades or when you answer that call of change God is asking you to do. However, just because God instilled the desire or calling to change, it doesn't mean it'll happen overnight or that it'll be easy. No matter the change God is calling you to do, it consists of hard work, dedication and the will to change.

Taking Small Steps

A lot of people get excited about change. They set their minds to a particular change and they throw all of themselves into it without ever really thinking. A couple weeks pass and they slip into old habits or comfort, brushing off their change as a phase or for some, feeling very stuck in the same place. The thing to remember is, we live in a fast paced world, where nowadays, everybody expects to have drive-thru results – which can make some forget that God doesn't work on our worlds time, he works on his own time and when looking to step out and change, it's best to be on God's time too. See, God is a master artist; He pays attention to every fine detail. He won't rush you through change hoping you learned something; He makes sure you've earned it, just like an artist won't rush through a painting or piece of art hoping that every little detail will be perfect. To the point - the thing to remember change takes time and it may feel like nothing is changing, but the bigger picture is being painted very thoroughly with each detail perfected.

Slipping Up

You can be working so well towards your change and then you slip up. Maybe you decided to stop spending X amount of money each month, but you just had to have that new purse. Possibly you have been watching what you eat and then a stressful day at work has sent you hauling to a fast food drive thru overloading on greasy fries. Or, maybe you decided to stop socializing with a few people but end up running into them at a local hang out and it feels so good, like old times. Always keep in mind that when you slip up, don't beat yourself over it. God knows you're human. However, it is vital to have an open line of communication with God regarding your slip up. Why? Well, God is your center, what keeps you rooted and by communicating with Him about your slip up, it helps reel you back onto your path and not stray away. So always communicate honestly.

Frame of Mind

The journey of change can be an arduous one. Some days can feel like you're on the right path, while other days you can feel like you're stuck in quicksand. On the days when you feel like you're stuck in quicksand, it can be really, really hard to keep a positive mindset. But you must try to shake yourself out of the negative funk. Yeah, it's easier said than done but it's honestly not all that hard. When you're feeling negative, take the time to count your blessings big and small. Soon enough you'll realize how much you have to be grateful for and force yourself out of a negative mind frame.

Track Your Progress

Some of you may roll their eyes thinking that tracking your progress is lame, but it's not in the long haul. See, when we're going through change/working towards our goals, it's easy to feel that nothing is really changing, when in actuality, it is. For example: God put the desire in Marcy's heart to change her workout from being non-existent to active. She listened, joined a gym and began watching what she ate. She kept an active weight journal too, which held contents of how much she ate, what she ate, and how much weight she lost each month. So when a few months pass by and the weight isn't falling off anymore, making her feel like she wasn't progressing - she turned to her weight journal to see how far she has come, giving her more motivation to keep towards her change. Even when you reach the end of one change, you will be called to go through another soon enough and you can keep past progress tracking journals as inspiration to keep on keeping on!

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