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Red Prayer Bracelet

The Red Prayer Bracelet And Kabbalah

The Red Prayer Bracelet and Kabbalah?

Red is one of the more recent colors introduced with prayer bracelets. Although not everyone will agree with me on this one but in some Orthodox country’s it was also among one of the first traditional colors used with prayer ropes. Symbolizing the blood of Christ and the blood of the martyrs. But the black color became dominant.

So this one is more of a re-introduction than a new one. In our post The Black Prayer Bracelet we already told the story of the rise of the color black, but lets focus on the red a bit more. A funny development is that this red prayer bracelet is often mistaken for a red Kabbalah bracelet. For the ones not knowing what a Kabbalah bracelet is, its a bracelet associated with Judaism and worn by people to ward of misfortune or the so called “evil eye”. The red string bracelet is a variation to this and is worn for the same purpose.

Just to be clear the Red Prayer Bracelet is not a Kabbalah bracelet, its just like every other Orthodox Christian prayer bracelet a prayer rope used for guidance during prayer. But it does has its own superstitions to it. In many Orthodox cultures these bracelets are given to dear friends and family members to keep them save. The thought behind it is that a object blessed by the church is something that wards of evil. (hmm there it is, that is why people also mistake it for a kabbalah bracelet). But this is not something new, for ages people have been bringing their jewelry and other items they wear to be blessed by the church, its the same thought behind it.

So although there is this “warding off evil” similarity these bracelets are totally different from each other and from completely different religions.

Red Prayer Bracelet

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