The Saint Bracelet in the Twilight Saga

The Saint bracelet also known as a protection bracelet or icon bracelet.  There are small pictures of saints and icons mounted on wood together with wooden rosary beads and strung onto an elasticized wrist band.

Saint Bracelet Twilight SagaThis item is not very often in our store portfolio, but every now and again it appears. Just like every other product we offer the Orthodox Saint Bracelet is also purified by the Church (Blessed).

For the Twilight Saga movie fans also a familiar bracelet. Kristen Stewart wore a version of this bracelet in one of the movies and on promotional posters where she posed with co-actor Robert Pattinson.  The Saint Bracelet was instantly a hot item, it even got more hectic when more famous movie stars were spotted with these bracelets. This also got noticed in China, which flooded the market with these bracelets. So be careful where you buy these from cause a lot of them are not blessed by the church.

But I do have a tip for you, if you are uncertain of the source you got your bracelet from, just go to your Church and ask them to bless it for you. In most cases this is not a problem.

Back to the bracelet Kristen Stewart wore, to be exact it was a Saint Jude bracelet, depicting only an icon of Saint Jude across the bracelet.

Orthodox Saint Bracelets