Authentic Chotki and Komboskini

Ever since Saint Anthony The Great has invented the Orthodox prayer rope it has been in use in Orthodox religion and prayer. Every Orthodox country has its own name for the prayer rope. For instance in Russia and neighboring countries its called a chotki. In Greece people call these prayer rope komboskini or komboloi, the first being the dominant form. Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia call it brojanica and in Romania its called a matanii.

In Orthodox Religion the prayer bracelet and prayer necklace is used to count the times you recite a prayer and to keep your concentration during prayer, the most known that is used with the chotki or komboskini is the Jesus Prayer (“Oh Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon me, a Sinner!”).

A long time ago these chotki‘s and komboskini‘s were not really bracelets or necklaces, its when people tried to prevent to forget their prayer ropes when going to church that they started to wear them and thus creating bracelet and necklace versions. Nowadays we only know them in these two forms.

The chotki and komboskini are available in many different colors and variations. The variations being knotted crosses and cross metal beads with depiction of the Holy Mary. Also beads are used as dividers every 33 knots. These dividers mark the moment you need to do a prostration while praying.

Also non religious people are wearing these bracelets and necklaces following the recent rosary fashion hype. A lot of famous Orthodox people have been seen wearing Orthodox prayer ropes which made people wonder and start the hype. Which is OK, its good that people are wearing such a special object. It will only have a positive affect, bringing religion closer to people.

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