About Us

33Knots Ltd. is a company based in Belize with its main office in Belize City. We have our distribution point in Europe, which makes global delivery possible and swift. We made it our goal to deliver these blessed items to all corners of the world.

How it al began:

We started our online endeavor in 2010 under the name “Prayer Bracelet”, the idea was sparked to create a store that offers the Orthodox prayer rope worldwide. The idea came up with us having difficulty ourselves to come by these items. After some inspirational talks with our pastor and fellow church members we launched our store.

Later in 2010 we noticed the need for a more recognizable name, this lead to the birth of  the brand 33Knots. This also lead to the creation of the new brand page (33knots.com). Our success grew and with it our store portfolio.

Now in mid 2013 we are happy to announce that we have  over 2500 happy customers and have shipped the prayer rope to over 60 countries. We are very thankful that we have reached these major milestones and are looking forward to deliver these products to even more countries.

Our products and service:

The divine prayer rope bracelets and necklaces we offer are all handmade, provided by several orthodox churches around the globe. We also aim to provide our customers with the best service possible. All our products come with a 90 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.


God bless,


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