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Showing 1–16 of 71 results

Authentic Religious Bracelets

We at 33Knots offer an authentic selection of religious bracelets, and will be including more new products in our collection shortly. For now all our products are from Christian Orthodox origin and are made in Orthodox monastery’s or Churches. These bracelets all have a story to them, you will find more on the history in posts located in the blog section of this site.

Religious bracelets are all around us, the fashion industry has embraced these holy objects and with them a lot of people too. It is nice to see that such blessed objects are in our mids. Not everyone is happy to see these bracelets on the catwalk and to be treated as a fashion accessory but in our opinion it can do no harm, and only have a positive effect.

People are free to wear what they wan’t and what makes them feel good. To some its an object of meaning and religion and to others just an accessory. Most of the time when somebody tells a person what the meaning is of a specific bracelet they are very happy to wear such a special item. In a way it then brings the religion to the people, this is the positive effect we are referring to.

These products are also embraced by a lot of celebrities and the list is growing daily, Kristen Stewart even started a little hype wearing a black prayer bracelet. Her fans and fans of the movie Twilight started to look for these blessed objects. Also athletes are no stranger to these bracelets, tennis super star Novak Djokovic wears a black prayer bracelet every match he plays.

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