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Handmade & Blessed Knotted Prayer Bracelet ‘s

What Is A Prayer Bracelet?

These Orthodox bracelets are generally known as Christian Orthodox prayer rope but are also called Komboskini (Greece), Chotki (Russia), or Brojanica (Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia) depending on the region. Prayer Bracelet ‘s are traditionally used by Eastern Orthodox Christians for concentration and guidance during prayer. The “Jesus Prayer” is the most popular prayer used with these bracelets and necklaces. This amazing prayer is also known as “The Prayer of the Heart

These bracelets come in many variations but always have 33 knots, this significant number resembles the 33 years of our Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t you just love that symbolism? Everything about these bracelets is special from the special knots, how they are mede, the number of knots, and wait until you read the story below about how these bracelet became to be.

The story

These bracelets come with a great story that people just love. Here’s how the story goes. A very very long time ago there was a monk that was amongst the first to wander into the desert to spread the word of the Lord. In those times monk’s used stones to keep count during prayer, they kept these stones in jars or leather bags. This posed a problem to our monk, needing to carry heavy stones while wandering through the desert. So this monk came up with the idea to use a rope to count his prayers instead of stones. For every prayer he recited he made a knot in the rope. Marvelous idea ain’t it?

So the monk started his long journey. Everything was just fine until one day during his prayers he got a vision of the Devil, which threw the monk out of concentration. The monk was surprised to see that the knots he just made were mysteriously untied.

The monk tried to pray again, but every time he got the same vision with the same result. But the brave monk was not to give up so easily. He kept on trying, but every passing day it got worse and worse, the poor monk got very exhausted and it seemed the Devil would have his victory.

Thankfully Archangel Gabriel came to the rescue. Gabriel appeared in the monk’s dreams and showed him how to tie a special knot that vanquishes the Devil. The very next day the monk started to pray and to tie the special knot that consists of 7 small interlocking crosses. The Devil appeared again, but when he tried to untie the knots the special bond of the knots repelled him back to hell.

This brave humble monk stood his ground and kept on going even in his darkest hours. Ultimately claiming victory over evil. We all know this legendary monk. He was Saint Anthony the Great.

So now you know who invented the prayer rope bracelets and necklaces we all still use today. Well, it’s no wonder that these pray bracelets and necklaces are so extremely popular.

Authentic bracelets are handmade by monks in Orthodox monasteries or Orthodox Churches reciting a prayer for every knot they tie. You can imagine that having such blessed and purified religious bracelets is very dear to people. Next to their religious value, many believe that by wearing this blessed item they will be kept from harm. It became sort of a tradition in Orthodox countries to give these items as a gift to family, friends, and loved ones to keep them safe.

In recent years these bracelets also became very popular because several famous people and athletes wear them. The most popular athlete is Novak Djokovic the tennis star, who wears a prayer bracelet every match he plays. This has resulted that a lot of non-religious people started wearing them, and thus slowly but gradually spreading its wonderful history and story to all corners of the world.

These bracelets are also made as necklaces. Instead of 33 knots, they have 100 knots or even 300. We also offer beaded prayer bracelet ‘s made out of Semi-precious stone, Swarovski Crystals, Wood, and Glass.



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