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Traditional Orthodox Bracelets

These Orthodox bracelets are the ones that everybody is familiar with, when somebody mentions an Orthodox Bracelet 9 out of 10 times they are thinking of these 33-knot bracelets.

To read the full story of these Orthodox bracelets please take a look at the following page that explains the history of the prayer bracelet. The story is truly wonderful and dates back thousands of years. People love the heritage and the symbolism these bracelets bring. To give you an example, the 33 knots these bracelets have, signify the 33 years of Jesus Christ. How amazing is that?

And it does not stop there, although nowadays it comes in many colors the original two colors are black and red. Red was the first and the monks chose this color to signify the blood of Jesus. So it reminds you of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us. Centuries later black became the standard color, and just with red, the color was chosen for a reason. It is meant to symbolize the mourning for our sins.

I have a different take on this, as Orthodox Christians, we must remember to be humble, the human being is not perfect, as a matter of fact, nobody’s perfect. So black should remind us to stay humble, cause at the end of the day we all sometimes sin. As long as we remember to ask forgiveness, and the black should remind us of that.

As you can see these Orthodox bracelets are pretty special, we offer them in two versions. Adjustable and non-adjustable, traditionally these bracelets are NOT adjustable, but due to popular demand, we have come up with an adjustable version. What we like you to know is that both versions are sourced from several Orthodox Monasteries and Churches. But where the non-adjustable can be found in every Orthodox Church Store, the adjustable one is a exclusive. These are only made for us.

I hope we got you interested in these Orthodox Bracelets, but we would also like you to read about the prayer that goes hand in hand with these bracelets. It is called the “Jesus Prayer” (also known as the prayer of the heart), we have a very informative article, I invite you to read it, just follow the link.  It is a short repetitive prayer that can be used with the Orthodox bracelet, you recite the prayer 33 times while you run the knots of the bracelet through your fingers. When the divider bead is reached it is time to do a prostration. This also explains the original purpose of these prayer rope bracelets, it is a tool to guide you during prayer.


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