Orthodox Prayer Ropes

The Chrisitian Orthodox Prayer Rope comes in many different forms. The most known are the prayer bracelet and prayer necklace versions. The bracelets have 33 knots and one divider bead and the necklaces have 100 knots with or without divider beads.

The Orthodox Prayer Rope is traditionally used by Orthodox monks to count the times they have recited a prayer. These Prayer Ropes evolved to the bracelet or necklace forms when the Church going people started to use them. In order not to forget their Orthodox Prayer Ropes when going to Church they began to wear them and thus the bracelets and necklaces were born.

These Orthodox Prayer Ropes are also generally known as Komboskini (Greece), Chotki (Russia) or Brojanica (Balkans).

Prayer Ropes are still made in the same way like in ancient times. The special knots that consist of 7 interlocking crosses are still the base of every Prayer Rope. Authentic versions are made in Orthodox Monastery’s. The monks make them while reciting a prayer for every knot they tie and thus purifying the prayer ropes in the process. This is the reason why authentic prayer ropes are so popular and sought after.

Also the wonderful story of Saint Anthony the Great, who invented the Prayer Rope is something that people treasure.  Feel free to read the complete story on Saint Anthony in our blog.

We have made it our mission to bring these Authentic Prayer Ropes to people all over the world. All the Orthodox Prayer Ropes that 33Knots offers are handmade in Orthodox monastery’s. We are sure that you will find a religious bracelet or religious necklace to your liking.

Orthodox Prayer Rope