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The Jesus Prayer

The Jesus Prayer | Prayer of the Heart

The Jesus Prayer or how many call it the Prayer of The Heart: Oh Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner The Jesus Prayer, also known as the ‘prayer of the heart’ is one of the most taught and discussed prayers in the Orthodox Christian Churches. This prayer is said […]

Prayer Necklace

The Orthodox Christian Prayer Necklace

The Christian Orthodox prayer necklace is a prayer rope with 100 complex knots made from rope. It is traditionally used by eastern Orthodox Christians to concentrate during prayer and to count the times they have recited a prayer. These necklaces have several names that differ per country.   Chotki in Russia  Komboskini in Greece Brojanica in the Balkans  But in […]

Frankincense and Myrrh

Frankincense and Myrrh – Incense Your Home

Do something good for the whole family, incense your home with frankincense and myrrh following the instruction of the Orthodox Christian Church. Bring peace, health, and love into your home! Charcoal and incense symbolize your love for faith and the warmth of your soul, while the scent of incense symbolizes the grace of the Holy […]

Orthodox Icons

Orthodox Icons Are Magnificent

The tradition of placing Orthodox Icons in the church and home developed mainly from the necessity in the early second century to counteract the false Gnostic teaching that Christ was only a shadow and not really and fully human. The Christians countered this incorrect teaching by emphasizing the reality of Christ as the God-Man, for: […]

Saint Nektarios

A Tribute To Saint Nektarios

Saint Nekarios, the early years School yearsSaint Nektarios ‘ early years were spent at the local school in Silivria. When he was old enough to finish this school he faced a major dilemma. There was nowhere else he could further his education in his home town Silivria. This problem, together with the fact that he […]

I Flee unto Thee

I Flee unto Thee, O Lord

One of the loveliest phrases from the Psalter is, “I flee unto thee, O Lord”. (Ps. 142:9 LXX / Ps 143:9 KJV) The way I learned the line of the Psalm was in the old Book of Common Prayer where it reads: Deliver me, O LORD, from mine enemies; for I flee unto thee to […]

melomakárona recipe

Melomakárona Recipe, a Sweet Tradition

Christmas is a capital celebration among Greek Orthodox people. Many traditions were associated with the birth of Christ and, while some of them have faded, others are still very alive and characteristic of this very special period of the year. Greeks take pride in being hospitable – having a little something to offer as a […]

Monastery of Panagia

Monastery of Panagia in Paros – Ekatontapiliani

Monastery of Panagia is an Ancient Orthodox Temple One of the most renowned Greek Orthodox temples, dedicated to the Holy Mother of Christ, is the Ekatontapiliani (Monastery of Panagia) at the Greek island of Paros, central Aegean Sea. Ekatontapiliani is actually a complex of temples built around a central yard, similar to a monastery’s. The […]

Western Orthodoxy

Western Orthodoxy in the Eastern Orthodox Church

Yes! Western Orthodoxy is a ministry of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America. It has restored to the Orthodox Church her rightful heritage of the beautiful Western forms of worship. Western Orthodoxy enables Americans to worship in a way which speaks to their hearts, language, music and traditions. It enables Americans to be […]

The story of Zacchaeus

The Story of Zacchaeus

Zacchaeus, a dramatic conversion In this post, I want to talk about perhaps, one of the most dramatic conversions in the New Testament. It is the story of a man of small stature but with a big heart for God, Zacchaeus. Luke, the only gentile writer of the Gospels narrated Zaccheaus’ story of conversion in […]


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