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What is a prayer necklace

What Is A Prayer Necklace

The Black Prayer Necklace explained For the ones wondering what a prayer necklace is, it’s also a prayer rope (Komboskini in Greece and Chotki in Russia) but instead of 33 knots it has 100 or 300 knots. The purpose is the same, its meant to be a guidance during prayer. Some versions have 3 divider […]

The Saint Bracelet

The Saint Bracelet in the Twilight Saga

The Saint Bracelet in the Twilight Saga The Saint bracelet also known as a protection bracelet or icon bracelet.  There are small pictures of saints and icons mounted on wood together with wooden rosary beads and strung onto an elasticised wrist band. This item is not very often in our store portfolio, but every now […]

Red Prayer Bracelet

The Red Prayer Bracelet And Kabbalah

The Red Prayer Bracelet and Kabbalah? Red is one of the more recent colors introduced with prayer bracelets. Although not everyone will agree with me on this one but in some Orthodox country’s it was also among one of the first traditional colors used with prayer ropes. Symbolizing the blood of Christ and the blood […]

Black Prayer Bracelet

The Black Prayer Bracelet

The Black Prayer Bracelet popular? The black prayer bracelet is the most known to people, for a long time this was the only color for prayer ropes symbolising mourning for one’s sins. The funny thing is it was not the first color in some Orthodox regions, the first color for these bracelets was red, but […]


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