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Saint Nektarios

A Tribute To Saint Nektarios

Saint Nekarios, the early years School yearsSaint Nektarios ‘ early years were spent at the local school in Silivria. When he was old enough to finish this school he faced a major dilemma. There was nowhere else he could further his education in his home town Silivria. This problem, together with the fact that he […]

The story of Zacchaeus

The Story of Zacchaeus

Zacchaeus, a dramatic conversion In this post, I want to talk about perhaps, one of the most dramatic conversions in the New Testament. It is the story of a man of small stature but with a big heart for God, Zacchaeus. Luke, the only gentile writer of the Gospels narrated Zaccheaus’ story of conversion in […]

Saint George and John Chrysostom

Who Were Saint George and John Chrysostom

Who was Saint George The Emperor was a fanatic admirer of roman false gods so in 303 AD he issued an edict for persecution of the Christians living in all areas of the empire. Under Emperor’s authority George had to obey his commandments and kill Christians. Instead of that the young man stood fearlessly before […]

Who was Saint Barnabas

Who was Saint Barnabas?

The Story of Saint Barnabas As I study the Bible, I was drawn into the life of a silent hero of faith in the name of Barnabas. I was touched by how he took care and introduced Apostle Paul to the rest of the disciples who thought that Paul was just an infiltrator pretending to […]

The First Christian Martyrs

The First Christian Martyrs

Most of us know that Christianity appeared about the time Christ was born in the first century after His birth. What we have heard from Christian sermons, books and other similar materials, is that a great number of the first Christians were martyrs for Christ, like, for example deacon Stephen, who was stoned to death […]

Orthodox Christian Angels

Who are the Orthodox Christian Angels?

Angels are probably one of the most ignored characters in the Scriptures.  Yet there is no doubt about their existence for they are mentioned all throughout the Scriptures from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelations. The Scriptures refer to them as spirit beings created by God to worship Him and to carry […]

Saint John of Rila

Who Was Saint John of Rila

According to his annalists, Saint John of Rila was born in the village of Skrino, Bulgaria, probably in 876 AD, and he died in 946. He lived in the time of Prince Boris I, King Simeon the Great and King Peter I. He realizes he needs God deep in his soul, which makes him go […]


Theotokos, The One Who Gave Birth To Jesus

Who Is Theotokos? Theotokos is Mary the one who gave birth to Jesus. A lot of people – including Christian’s – forget about Mary.  Okay, maybe they don’t “forget” about her, but a lot of people overlook her.  They don’t take the time to know her and study about her.  No matter anyone’s view on […]

Prophet Elias

Prophet Elias Continued

Like promised we continue our story on Prophet Elias, if you haven’t read the first part here is the link to the first post. It had already been the third year of drought and starvation that ruled all over Samaria when God spoke to the prophet and said: “Go present yourself before Ahab and I […]

Prophet Elias

The Great Prophet Elias

Prophet Elias – An angel on earth, a man on heaven Even if the great prophet is amongst the most important prophets of the Old Testament he didn’t leave any written monuments, because he lived in the 9th century BC. His father was Shovak from the town of Thesbi (nowadays El Istib) of Galaad. When […]


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