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Orthodox Christian Angels

Who are the Orthodox Christian Angels?

Angels are probably one of the most ignored characters in the Scriptures.  Yet there is no doubt about their existence for they are mentioned all throughout the Scriptures from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelations. The Scriptures refer to them as spirit beings created by God to worship Him and to carry out His commands. In this blogpost I will talk about the Orthodox Christian angels, the angels who remain loyal to God, their nature, kinds, and ministry.

Lets take a look at the Orthodox Christian Angels

Nature of Angels              

Orthodox Christian Angels
Archangel Michael statue in Kiev, Maidan Nezalezhnosti square

The angels are spirit beings created by God. They are created holy and blameless and with the capacity to think, decide and act (Mark 8:38). Even though they sometimes appear in the Scriptures in the form of human beings, their bodies are unlike human bodies that are composed of gross matter.

Angels have no sexual preference though they are always introduced in the Scriptures in the masculine gender. They are not made to marry or have sensuous desires (Matt. 24:36). They are not made to pro-create unlike humans. The Sadducees is a Jewish sect that doesn’t believe in the resurrection of the dead. On trying to debunk the teaching of Jesus about resurrection, they presented a problem that humans may encounter in their new bodies. They used a woman who got widowed to three husbands without leaving her a child as an example. They asked Jesus who would be the husband of the woman at the resurrection. But Jesus told them they are in error as they don’t know the Scriptures and the power of God. He said that when the dead are resurrected in their new bodies, the believers will not marry or be given in marriage for they will be like angels in heaven (Mark 12:24-26).  Angels also possess high intelligence but they don’t know the time of the second coming (Matt. 24:36)

Orthodox Christian Angels
Archangel Gabriel in Mileseva Monastery, Serbia

Kinds of Angels
The Scriptures mention about two prominent angels, Angel Michael and Angel Gabriel. In Daniel 10:21, Michael is described as Israel’s ‘prince’ or the ‘great prince’ of Israel.  Michael seems to be the heavenly benefactor and champion of Israel against all their enemies, earthly or devilish. On the other hand Angel Gabriel’s ministry is primarily that of a messenger. He was the one sent by God to Daniel to elucidate the meaning of Daniel’s vision of the ram and goat (Dan. 8:16).  He was also sent by God to announce to Zachariah about John the Baptist’s birth and to Mary about the birth of Jesus.  Cherubim were the angels commanded by God to guard the tree of life to prevent man’s access to it after man fell to sin (Genesis 3:24). Seraphims are the angels that are closest to God. The Scriptures tell us that they surround God’s throne in heaven and release immensely powerful light (Isaiah 6:2). The rest of the Christian orthodox angels are called the heavenly host ready to obey God’s commands at His bidding (Psalm 148:2). Jesus said to Peter on his arrest that He can call on the Father and He can send more than 12 legions of angels at once to protect Him (Matt 26:53-55).

Ministry of Angels
Angels don’t just watch over nations and people on earth. They are God’s messengers and the protector of the believers. When we pray, sometimes the answers are carried out by the angels just as when the believers prayed for Peter’s release from prison (Acts 5:19).  Jesus said that children are being guarded by angels (Matt 18:10). God also sends His angels to watch and guard His people in all their ways (Ps 91:11). Angels protect individuals and families who have faith in God and keep them out of demons’ way. Those who believe in God have nothing to fear! Pray and trust Him. He can send His angels to help and protect us.

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