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Jason Derulo Rosary

Jason Derulo Wearing a Rosary Necklace

Yes that’s Jason Derulo with Rosary Necklace Jason Derulo is an American recording artist who is no stranger to wearing religious accessories particularly rosary necklaces much like the one he wore at the 103.5 KISS FM Chicago Coca Cola Lounge (as shown in the picture) which is a simple black rosary necklace with odd shaped […]

Kristen Stewart Cross Necklace

Kristen Stewart with Gothic Cross Necklace

Kristen Stewart Cross Necklace It’s not hard to believe that Twilight star Kristen Stewart never really dreamed of making it big as an actress; she always seemed slightly awkward and uncomfortable during premieres and other red carpet events making it look like she’d rather be anywhere but under all the flashing lights and scrutiny of […]

Jelena Jankovic Komboskini

Jelena Jankovic Wears a Komboskini

Jelena Jankovic Komboskini and Wooden Cross necklace Jelena Jankovic, for the non athletic and those who are not a fan of any sports whatsoever, is a former World No. 1 professional tennis player from Serbia and deservingly so since she has been dedicated to playing tennis and even competing at a young age. And like […]

Taylor Momsen Rosary Necklace

Taylor Momsen Wearing a Rosary Necklace

Taylor Momsen Rosary Necklace Little Jenny is all grown up and her style has changed drastically during season 2 of the show “Gossip Girl” which you will notice is also her personal style in real life: edgy chic sometimes bordering gothic style especially evident when she performs with her band “The Pretty Reckless”. Who would […]

Madonna Cross Necklace

Madonna The Religious Accessory Trendsetter

Madonna and her Religious Accessories The photo is of a 90s magazine featuring pop icon Madonna wearing a cross necklace that would eventually become one of her trademarks. Come to think of it, Madonna is probably the woman responsible for making religious necklaces look trendy and cool hence spreading a fashion wildfire that would rage […]

Amber Heard

Amber Heard Wearing Beautiful Rosary Necklace

Unusual Amber Heard Rosary Necklace. 26 year old Amber Laura Heard was a model before she decided to venture into the world of acting. This American actress may look familiar especially if you have seen movies where she appeared in alongside notable actresses and/or actors such as action film “Never Back Down” with Cam Gigandet […]

Bruce Springsteen Cross Necklace

Bruce Springsteen Wearing Cross Necklace

The Boss – Bruce Springsteen Cross Necklace Well, there you have it; proof that religious accessories are indeed timeless. Well of course we all know that. The question is: when did it start to become such a hot fashion trend especially among younger generations? I’m not quite sure of the answer  to that question, but […]

David Beckham Rosary

David Beckham Wearing a Rosary Necklace

  David Beckham Rosary Oh wow, this cover photo is definitely something, huh? I can just imagine women all over the world swooning at the sight of a topless David Beckham. He is no doubt enough to turn even the most non athletic woman into a football (or soccer) fan. But let us for a […]


Andrea Petkovic Wearing a Chotki

Andrea Petkovic wearing a Chotki? Well what do you know? Artists, actors, and actresses aren’t the only ones in on the religious accessory “craze”. Athletes have also been spotted sporting religious accessories and among them is Andrea Petkovic, a professional German (of Serbian Origin) tennis player. In fact, Andrea Petkovic is wearing the same bracelet […]


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