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Andrea Petkovic Wearing a Chotki

Andrea Petkovic wearing a Chotki?

Well what do you know? Artists, actors, and actresses aren’t the only ones in on the religious accessory “craze”. Athletes have also been spotted sporting religious accessories and among them is Andrea Petkovic, a professional German (of Serbian Origin) tennis player.

Andrea Petkovic wearing a Chotki

In fact, Andrea Petkovic is wearing the same bracelet Novak Djokovic (also a professional tennis player) wears which is a black chotki (also called brojanica in Serbian). A Chotki bracelet is a prayer rope made usually out of wool – which for Eastern Orthodox Christians is a reminder that men are rational sheep of Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd – and typically contains 33, 50, or 100 knots. This type of religious bracelet used to aid worshippers in praying the Jesus Prayer or any other prayer. (you run your hands through each of the knots while praying).

To be quit honest, its not so strange that she wears such a bracelet cause she is from Christian Orthodox origin just like Novak Djokovic. Its quite normal for people from Orthodox Countries to wear these bracelets.

If you are a fan of Andrea Petkovic (and it’s not hard to be as she’s such a loveable person, as proof you might witness in her video blog (Petkorazzi) on YouTube where she makes fun of herself and gives away prizes to lucky fans), it wouldn’t be a surprise that you’d want to emulate this accomplished athlete.

Yes I am a bit of a Tennis fan! Love to watch Andrea. And if you are a Tennis fan too, you probably do already follow Andrea’s career too.

Andrea Petkovic wearing a Chotki, just like Novak!

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  • Photo By Robbie Mendelson (originally posted to Flickr as Andrea Petkovic) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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