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Our lady of the perpetual help Orthodox Icon

Our Lady of the Perpetual Help: An Orthodox Perspective

Orthodox Christianity has long revered the icon of Our Lady of the Perpetual Help, sometimes referred to as the Virgin of Perpetual Succor. Millions of Orthodox Christians revere this iconic image around the world as they seek the Virgin Mary’s intercession in their daily lives. We will examine this icon’s background and importance from an Orthodox perspective in more detail in this post.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help’s history

The Our Lady of Perpetual Help icon’s history began in the 15th century, when it was thought to have been painted in Crete, Greece, by an unidentified artist. The icon was later shipped to Rome, Italy, where it was installed in the San Matteo Church in the Via Merulana neighborhood. Before it was destroyed during the French Revolution, the icon was housed in the church for close to 300 years.

Thankfully, the icon was saved and eventually ended up in the possession of the Redemptorist Order. The icon was reproduced by the Redemptorists in the late 19th century, and they disseminated it all over the world. Orthodox Christians rapidly adopted the icon because they believed it to be a potent representation of the Virgin Mary.

Significance of the Icon

The Virgin Mary is shown holding the Christ child in the Our Lady of the Perpetual Help icon. The sad expressions on the faces of both individuals show that they are cognizant of the sacrifice that Christ would subsequently make. Two angels are depicted in the background holding the cross, spear, and sponge, which were used in Christ’s Passion.

There are numerous ways to interpret the icon’s symbolism, and its meaning is complex. One typical view is that individuals who request the Virgin Mary’s intercession are being offered protection. On the other side, the Christ child is viewed as humanity’s savior who will bring salvation to all who believe in him. The angels in the background stand in for Christ’s Passion and serve as a reminder of the ultimate price that has to be paid for humanity’s salvation.

Classical Interpretation

In Orthodox Church, the icon of Our Lady of the Perpetual Help maintains a special place of veneration. The Virgin Mary is the most effective intercessor before Christ, according to Orthodox Christians, and her pleas are never ignored. Orthodox Christians think that those who are suffering might find solace and comfort in the Virgin Mary. As a result, people frequently invoke Our Lady of Perpetual Help when they are in need or facing a challenging situation.

The Akathist Hymn, a hymn of adoration to the Virgin Mary, is frequently sung in conjunction with the prayer for the image. The prayer is meant to offer hope in times of despair and comfort to people who are suffering. The Akathist Hymn is also thought to possess healing and miracle-working abilities.


An important symbol of Orthodox Christianity is the icon of Our Lady of the Perpetual Help. Orthodox Christians have relied on this representation of the Virgin Mary for solace and prayer for ages. The image serves as a reminder of both the love that the Virgin Mary has for all of God’s children and the sacrifice that Christ made for humanity. As a result, it is a potent symbol that can give those who are suffering comfort and hope.

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We trust that this essay has given you a better understanding of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help icon’s significance and history from an Orthodox viewpoint. While you traverse the ups and downs of life, may this image of the Virgin Mary give you solace, hope, and peace.

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