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Theotokos, The One Who Gave Birth To Jesus

Who Is Theotokos?

TheotokosTheotokos is Mary the one who gave birth to Jesus. A lot of people – including Christian’s – forget about Mary.  Okay, maybe they don’t “forget” about her, but a lot of people overlook her.  They don’t take the time to know her and study about her.  No matter anyone’s view on Mary, her role was an important role.  After all, she’s the gave birth to our lord Jesus Christ!  God chose Mary to carry our lord and savior in her womb for the term of pregnancy and then birth Him into the world.  Possibly the next time you pray, give thanks to Mary for her role in Jesus’ life.  Perhaps if she didn’t trust in God’s plan – at this very moment – we all possibly could be long overdue for a savior.

Being Chosen

It can be imagined that Mary was an average young Jewish girl.  She didn’t come from wealth and was poor.  Not too long after becoming engaged to a carpenter named Joseph, Mary received a visit from an angel Gabriel and her expectations of her future changed evermore.  Gabriel told her that she would have a child, a son, and that he would be the savior of mankind.  It can be expected that Mary had a lot of thoughts running through her mind and more emotions she had ever felt.  Even though Mary couldn’t figure out how she was going to bring a child into the world – nonetheless the savior – she came forth to God not only with faith but with compliance in what He asked of her.

The Struggles That Came

When Mary conceived, she wasn’t married yet.  Where it is so common place/accepted in our society today, imagine how Mary felt two-something-thousand years ago, where being unwed and pregnant wasn’t common and it most definitely not accepted in that day in age’s society.  She was terrified!  However, even though she was terrified, she still carried out God’s will with tremendous faith in God.  When this news was told to Joseph he didn’t know what to do.  But when he received divine intervention in a dream regarding how to go about Mary and her circumstance, he obeyed and eloped with Mary.  It can easily be suggested that with the unwavering faith Mary showed God, He in return paved the way for her regarding Joseph.

The Trials & Reward

God put Mary through a lot. However, God knew she could handle being the one who gave birth to Jesus. She almost lost her fiancé Joseph and even had to experience the shame of being an unwed mother.  But she was never aloof to the rocky path she would face but she had nothing to worry about because God was with her every step of the way.  However, it’s safe to bet that nothing she had been put through could amount to watching her son being beaten and murdered.  Even though it’s imaginable to envision what she felt watching it unfold, she never stopped having faith in God, not once.  In return for her unwavering faith in the Lord, we all have a savior.  Remember that! Things could have turned out differently but thankfully they didn’t. 

Be thankfull for Mary (The Theothokos).

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