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Kristen Stewart Cross Necklace

Kristen Stewart with Gothic Cross Necklace

Kristen Stewart Cross Necklace

It’s not hard to believe that Twilight star Kristen Stewart never really dreamed of making it big as an actress; she always seemed slightly awkward and uncomfortable during Kristen Stewart cross necklace premieres and other red carpet events making it look like she’d rather be anywhere but under all the flashing lights and scrutiny of the public. Lately though she’s been improving. She is now smiling more and her choices in clothes have improved as well which to be honest, I am thankful for because I just can’t bear to see her waste her pretty features by scowling.

Another thing I like about Kristen Stewart is how edgy and laidback she always looks. Take the Hollywood Life Magazine’s 7th Annual Breakthrough Awards. She looked so casual with her all black attire and no accessories save for the interesting cross pendant necklace around her neck. I say interesting because if you look closer at the details of the cross pendant, the style is gothic and you will notice a stone in the middle (I’m guessing that the stone is Jasper).

Kristen Stewart seems like the type of person to go for simple yet interesting religious accessories. In fact she also managed to hype up one of these interesting religious trinkets; she was spotted wearing a Saint Bracelet (which features tiny pictures of Saint Jude on each bead) on her promotional picture with Robert Pattinson for the “Twilight” movie causing it to become one of the most sought after accessories in Tinsel Town.

You’ll find similar Saint bracelets in our store, they are a bit different because instead of just St. Jude they display several saints.

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  • Photo Kristen_Stewart by lukeford.netderivative work: Tabercil (Kristen_Stewart.jpg) [ CC-BY-SA-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons
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