Orthodox Black Cross Necklace


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Our charming black Orthodox cross necklace.

This is what we call a cross necklace inspired by minimalism. Its elegant and of course handmade. The cross is knotted and has one black bead woven into it.

Just like the other necklaces we offer this one is also purified by the Christian Orthodox Church. Although the knots are tied in the same manner as the prayer rope, this one is not used for guidance during prayer. This is more a necklace that is worn just like a gold or silver cross necklace. Its serves as a reminder of one’s faith. People also just like to have a blessed cross near them all the time. To some it’s even a talisman to ward of evil, mostly inspired by the legendary knots of the prayer rope that can repel evil.

Length : 11.8 inch (30cm)

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