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David Beckham Rosary

David Beckham Wearing a Rosary Necklace


David Beckham Rosary

Oh wow, this cover photo is definitely something, huh? I can just imagine women all over the world swooning at the sight of a topless David Beckham. He is no doubt enough to turn even the most non athletic woman into a football (or soccer) fan. But let us for a minute take our eyes off of his undressed torso and focus on that (lucky) accessory around his neck, shall we? Obviously now that your attention has been brought to the religious accessory, you would instantly recognize it as a rosary necklace and if you are a fan of David Beckham here, you would also notice that he wears this same necklace –which has become even more popular especially among young men— in numerous photos (especially in shots taken by paparazzi). If he is not wearing this particular rosary necklace, he is definitely wearing another religious accessory (often a necklace).

David Beckham regards himself as half Jewish (his grandfather on his mother’s side is Jewish) and has attended church every week while growing up so maybe it is safe to assume that wearing religious accessories is not just a fad to him, but something short of proclaiming his faith. And it doesn’t stop with the religious accessories. David Beckham also has religious tattoos such as a guardian angel, a couple of Jesus’ image, and a winged cross. Not noticed Victoria Beckham wearing such accessories too, but maybe I just haven’t come across it yet.

Maybe he will start to wear a Knotted Rosary too… well when that happens we will SURE post about it.

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