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Taylor Momsen Rosary Necklace

Taylor Momsen Wearing a Rosary Necklace

Taylor Momsen Rosary Necklace

Taylor Momsen wearing Rosary Little Jenny is all grown up and her style has changed drastically during season 2 of the show “Gossip Girl” which you will notice is also her personal style in real life: edgy chic sometimes bordering gothic style especially evident when she performs with her band “The Pretty Reckless”. Who would have believed that this is the same girl who played the adorable Cindy Lou Who from the film “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”?!  I couldn’t either.

Like most edgy, rocker type girls, Taylor Momsen is often seen with a religious accessory like the rosary bead necklace she was wearing at the Warped Tour Kickoff. It complements her outfit, no? She’s often spotted wearing this particular religious necklace, I’m beginning to wonder if it is her favorite accessory or it acts like a charm for her. Of course a rosary bead necklace is not the only religious accessory she owns and wears. She also has an interesting Material Girl double cross ring; it’s a ring you put on two fingers and the cross lies sideways across your fingers much like a brass knuckle. Her style somewhat resembles Madonna, who fueled the trend of wearing religious items while performing during the 80s. No surprise there since hundreds, probably even thousands, of girls try to emulate the queen of pop’s style.

I am certain that its not just a fashion accessory for Taylor cause she is religious herself, just like Madonna. So it safe to say that she knows the meaning of such a necklace and otherLet us just hope that she does not wear her religious accessories only for fashion’s sake, unlike other people who blindly jump the style bandwagon wearing religious items without even knowing what it means.

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-Photo by Chicks With Guns Magazine (Taylor Momsen – Warped Tour Kickoff) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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