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Madonna Cross Necklace

Madonna The Religious Accessory Trendsetter

Madonna and her Religious Accessories

The photo is of a 90s magazine featuring pop icon Madonna wearing a cross necklace that would eventually become one of her trademarks. Come to think of it, Madonna is probably the woman responsible for making religious necklaces look trendy and cool hence spreading a fashion wildfire that would rage on for almost 3 decades (and still counting).

I guess we should also thank Maripol (Madonna’s stylist then), the woman who came up with Madonna’s iconic looks. Speaking of which, did you know that Maripol was already wearing rosaries and crosses as jewelry before she even styled the queen of pop. According to her, the religious accessories/jewelries were meant to be something spiritual for Madonna and in a way it was also an act of rebellion considering how back then, people were not as open-minded as they are now thinking it blasphemous to wear a religious item as a fashion accessory.

Well nowadays, wearing religious accessories are as common as wearing any other typical accessories. Everywhere you go you will likely see one, two, or more people wearing a simple cross pendant necklace, a komboskini bracelet, or even a pair of cute one-of-a-kind crucifix earrings. What was once a trend has evolved into something mainstream yet just as fashionable.

People like Madonna who push fashion boundaries are people to be admired. I mean just think of how much freedom we have expressing ourselves now with lesser people looking on disapprovingly. Yes, we are indeed a lucky bunch!

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