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Bruce Springsteen Cross Necklace

Bruce Springsteen Wearing Cross Necklace

The Boss – Bruce Springsteen Cross Necklace

Well, there you have it; proof that religious accessories are indeed timeless. Well of course we all know that. The question is: when did it start to become such a hot fashion trend especially among younger generations? I’m not quite sure of the answer Bruce Springsteen Religious Necklace to that question, but this photo (taken in 1988, I think) of a young Bruce Springsteen, an American recording artist as well as a Roman Catholic, shows him wearing a simple cross pendant necklace.

It is a fine choice of religious accessory and also a common design: simple chain with a cross pendant, but nevertheless it is also elegant and stylish in its own way and charming too, if you will. And maybe because of the modest design, more people are opting for this type of religious accessory. Heck, I’m sure that most of us have, at some point in our lives, owned something very similar to the religious necklace Bruce Springsteen is wearing in the photo. It’s not blindingly flashy like what a rapper would usually prefer, but rather more reserve and very flexible in a way that you can wear it with absolutely anything and certainly anyone at any age can wear this type of religious accessory without seeming pretentious.

Seeing Bruce Springsteen wear this religious cross necklace is quite appropriate with him growing up as a Roman Catholic. Not to mention that some of his songs reflect Catholic beliefs due to his upbringing so it should already be somewhat expected that he would own religious items or accessories such as this necklace.

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Photo By Julien_civange_and_bruce_springsteen.jpg: Laura blandderivative work: Beao (Julien_civange_and_bruce_springsteen.jpg) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

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