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Black Prayer Bracelet

The Black Prayer Bracelet

The Black Prayer Bracelet popular?

The black prayer bracelet is the most known to people, for a long time this was the only color for prayer ropes symbolising mourning for one’s sins. The funny thing is it was not the first color in some Orthodox regions, the first color for these bracelets was red, but many many years ago in byzantine times black became the dominant color. Red was the first because it was a symbol for the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and the blood of the Martyrs. But later the monks decided that black was more in line with the prayer that accompanied the prayer ropes.

The red was not forgotten, because in some orthodox regions, they kept a small part of the red alive. They introduces a red divider bead instead of the usual metal cross or woven cross. It was a combination to remind us of both symbolism’s.

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  • Black Prayer Bracelet
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Nowadays its a totally different story, its not only black, they are available in a wider range of colors as you probably already notices looking at the products in our shop. Like the times change so do the people who wear them and use them for prayer. Unfortunately there is no special symbolism to the many colors added, that is still reserved for the black and red prayer bracelets. But the many colors have had a very positive effect, more and more younger people have started to wear these bracelets and have become interested in the history and heritage of these bracelets together with Christian Orthodoxy. And that is basically what matters most, in this fast past life we are living today we sometimes forget that religion is a great part of our lives and has been with us since ancient times. We sometimes just need a gentle reminder.

Despite of all these added colors the black prayer bracelet is most popular.

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