The Black Prayer Necklace explained

For the ones wondering what a prayer necklace is, it’s also a prayer rope (komboskini) but instead of 33 knots it has 100 or 300 knots. The purpose is the same, its meant to be a guidance during prayer. Some versions have 3 divider cross beads or just beads woven into them. Basically every knot is a prayer, so when praying you go from knot to knot and whenever you reach a divider bead you do a prostration. Its that simple.

The Black Prayer Necklace

Next to guidance during prayer some people also consider it a charm, kinda to ward of evil. Basically this started a while ago, people started to give each other such a necklace or bracelet as a gift, with the gesture that its to keep you from harm and ward of bad luck. Mostly family members practiced this, but now even good friends buy it for each other. Not really a bad thing, when you consider the fact that they give a blessed item and with it tell the story of the prayer rope.

Next to a traditional prayer necklace we also offer beautiful wooden necklaces. You should look at our Tears from the Mother of God prayer necklace, which is truly magnificent.

What about the color? It comes in many colors just like the religious bracelets. But it isn’t hard to figure out that when black is the most popular color for a prayer bracelet that it is the same for the prayer necklace. And indeed it is, the black version is most sought after.

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