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Beaded Prayer Bracelet ‘s

Next to our traditional 33 Knot prayer bracelets we also offer beaded prayer bracelet ‘s. These bracelets are spin-offs of the rope ones. We are already accustomed to these type of bracelets, we know them from the Catholic religion. They are known as rosary bracelets. 

These bracelets can also be used for prayer, it is the same concept as with the prayer rope bracelets, instead of a knot resembling a prayer, a bead resembles one. You follow the beads of the bracelet and keep counting prayer after prayer.

Tip: Look up this post about The Jesus Prayer, many use this prayer with these bracelets

Of course, not everyone uses these bracelets for prayer, some only love to wear something religious, something to give them a feeling of belonging, to feel protected, for personal expression, and even some only as a fashion statement. The latter is less desirable as we saw it happen with the Catholic rosary bracelet. But one could argue that it is spreading the word and bringing Orthodox religion to people not familiar with it. But this is a discussion for another time.

The beaded prayer bracelet ‘s we offer are exclusive to our store and are designed in-house. We make these bracelets by hand and then they are transported to an Orthodox Monastery to overnight and be purified. In other words, they are blessed. After the purification, they are returned to us and shipped to our distribution center. Although these bracelets are blessed, we always recommend that you also offer them to be blessed at your local Church. If you are a regular Church going person the Pastor will know you and bless your bracelet with a more personal prayer for you. This is just a personal recommendation and not a must.

Currently, we offer these beaded prayer bracelet ‘s out of the following materials:

Semi-precious stone:
Made out of 8mm or 10mm beads of A-grade semi-precious stone, like Lapis Lazuli, Purple Agate, Agate, Hematite, Howlite, Jade, Jadeite, Onyx, Citrine, Labradorite, Quartz and many more. You will find these bracelets here: Stone Prayer Bracelets

Swarovski Crystal:
Made out of genuine Swarovski Elements crystal beads, we use several different sizes and cuts of the Swarovski Elements Collection. From the popular double diamond cut to round, but also the crystal pearl Swarovski beads. You will find these bracelets here: Swarovski Prayer Bracelets

We have christened these beaded prayer bracelets “The Eko-collection” made out of different kinds of wood. For example, we offer them made out of Olive tree beads, Oaktree, Walnut tree, Panagia seed beads, and many more. You will find these bracelets here: Wooden Prayer Bracelets

Glass Filligran:
We also offer bracelets made out of Glass crystal beads combined with Filligran metal decorations. These bracelets come in many colors, the Filligran decorations are metal. You will find these bracelets here: Glass Prayer Bracelets

Swarovski Prayer Rope
Swarovski Prayer Bracelets
precious stone prayer bracelet
Stone Prayer Bracelets

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