Frankincense Ogaden from Ethiopia
Frankincense – Ogaden From Ethiopia
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Frankincense – Ogaden From Ethiopia



Frankincense Ogaden comes from the homonymous eastern Ethiopian region. Ogaden has a spicy, vigorous, and balsamic scent.

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Frankincense Ogaden (Boswellia Rivae) comes from the homonymous eastern Ethiopian region, a rough and desertic area descending from the eastern lowlands (1000 metres above sea level) to the arid lands along the Somali borders. The resin spontaneously exudates from the plant, which needs not to be tapped, this incense is collected by the half-nomadic peoples of the area during their migrations.

Scent: spicy, vigorous, and balsamic.

Amount: 70 gram

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Weight80 g


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