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The Best of Jonathan's Corner

Book Review: The Best of Jonathan’s Corner

The Best of Jonathan's Corner The Best of Jonathan’s Corner (author: Christos Jonathan Hayward) is written work that has been divinely inspired for our day and age’s spiritually thirsty fellows.  More than ever, people are starting to search for deeper answers to things they might not be able to answer on their own.  They’re looking for their path in and with God, and reading this book will lead them to the way. Perhaps through each page flipped and every line read, Orthodox Christian or not, readers will discover answers they’ve been looking for. They will be able to grasp it with such great ease and genuine understanding.  The way this book is written it wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the author’s drive, his very own inspiration to bestow this thirsty world with his book.  His knowledge hails from written passages of Church Fathers and the best of all his own life experiences that helps transform this book from enlightening to relatable for our present day and its people.

Jonathan Hayward Spiritual topics are explored throughout the book to pique interest in the reader and to engage the reader on subjects that should be brought to the forefront in one’s faith.  The author, as mentioned above, delicately and attentively writes about these sometimes touchy subjects in such a manner, that he it makes it comfortable for the reader to retain the information that they’ve read.  Due to it being written that way, it allows the reader every angle of the topic and not just one, allowing them to be able to discern and form their own answer, especially when religion and science is discussed in the pages.  This author has gathered bundles of knowledge, piecing it together to quench our thirst for answers or simply for something more.  It is only fair for us to take this gift that is given and to not only deepen our faith, but to strengthen our ties to God.

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