How to deal with betrayal

Judas and His Role

Majority of people have heard of Judas Iscariot, even if they’ve never touched the New Testament.  Judas was chosen to be among one of the twelve apostles but decided to take a different route.  The betrayal Judas played out will forever be famous and often be reflected on by many who face betrayal.  It has left many wondering was thirty pieces of silver worth selling out Jesus Christ?  And, the answer lies with Judas’ actions after doing so – where he hung himself out of sorrow – gives us the answer that thirty pieces of silver wasn’t worth it.  Yet, as much as people want to despise Judas, they often overlook the important part Judas played in Jesus’ life.  If it wasn’t for Judas sacrificing his belief for money, Jesus would have never been nailed to that cross and everyone today might not have experienced the shedding of Christ’s blood to wash away all of their sins.

Modern Day Judas

Throughout the entire Bible, many types of people are reflected and people who imitate Judas’ behavior and betrayal is alive and well in our society.  It’s safe to assume majority of people agree, but if you don’t, turn on your local news and see for yourself. To the point, the people who betray often are known as modern day Judas’.  Everyone has encountered a modern day Judas at least once in their lives. The betrayal can be something ever so small or something huge. No matter the size of the betrayal, it still hurts. But how does one deal with a modern day Judas?  Does one deal with them according to our modern day guidelines?  If someone is battling with this question, look no further than Jesus Christ. There you will find your answers.

Following Jesus’ Lead

Being betrayed never feels good and it’s not supposed to.  A lot of people never see betrayal coming but Jesus did!  He knew before it ever entered Judas’ mind that Judas in fact would betray him. Yet, even though Jesus had this information, he didn’t once try to stop Judas and he never once treated him differently than any apostle. In our modern day, if someone was to receive information that they were soon to be betrayed and they knew who the culprit is, indeed they would try everything in their power to stop it from happening.  But Jesus didn’t because he was given insight of the bigger picture, something we’re not granted.  All we have is faith and trust in God’s plan.  People might not understand why they were betrayed but they should take comfort that it’s according to God’s plan.  If Jesus was to not be betrayed, we wouldn’t have a savior today.


When someone goes through a betrayal, the last thing they want to ponder on is forgiveness.  They’re raging with emotions and want to express their wounds any way they feel comfortable with.  Yet when Jesus was forced to carry that cross, bloodied and beaten, not once did he curse Judas! No! He prayed to God and put all of his faith and trust in God.  As for Judas, he hung himself out of remorse, but a lot wonder if Jesus was to show the least bit of hate or disgust towards Judas, would Judas never have taken his own life?  It’s proven that when someone commits betrayal, it’s easier for them to accept what they did when any negative emotion is shown towards them because that’s what they feel they deserve.  However, Judas didn’t deserve forgiveness, but Jesus still provided it, which a lot assume that the forgiveness Jesus showed Judas ultimately led him to commit suicide.

Be assured though those showing someone forgiveness when they do not deserve it will NOT lead the betrayer to take their own life and if someone forgives for the wrong reasons, they will not receive the peace they need to move on from the betrayal. What is recommended is to mirror how Jesus approached Judas, the traitor, the best you can.  Even though someone’s betrayal might seem trivial compared to Jesus’, his walk here on Earth is a how-to for everyone willing to follow Jesus.  It’s that simple and it’s free!  So before you let your emotions take control over you, take the betrayal to Jesus’ throne and compare notes, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll be able to find peace and move on.