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Life's Storms

How to keep grounded when everything is unstable

Life’s Storms

In everyone’s life a period of storm will pass through.  A storm can be a test or trial from God or it can just be life. At times the storm can be a small rain shower dampening things here and there.  Then sometimes it can be a destructive storm that lasts but for a second like a tornado, destroying everything in its path.  Or, the storm can be destructive, lasting for a couple of days like a hurricane – slowly and methodically causing destruction.  No one is safe from life’s storms but everyone can survive with these tools and help clean up the aftermath of the storm without ever once wavering.

lifes storm Pray, Pray, Pray!

Prayer is so crucial!  There may be a lot of people tired of hearing about prayer but it has to be preached because it is that important!  There is no better weapon than the weapon of prayer.  It’s free and it can be done anywhere and anyway.  All it takes is the dedication to do it.  When you feel the storm of life entering into your life, don’t wait! PRAY!  You don’t have to get down on bended knees or know what to say.  All you have to do is ask God for help and keep you grounded so you won’t be uprooted in the storm.  That’s the great thing about God, He doesn’t need fancy prayers, and He just needs your faith and simplistic need of help.  He will answer.

Can’t focus? Use a prayer rope!

Don’t Think Too Much

When you’re going through a storm it can be nerve-wracking.  Sure you have prayer, handed everything over to God and feel quite better, but you still feel on edge.  If you feel that way, then settle your mind.  That means don’t think too much.  Don’t overanalyze things.  When you think too much about the storm you’re going through or anything in general, you won’t be able to see things clearly at all, nonetheless think clearly.  When you catch yourself thinking too much about the storm and its possible destruction, take a deep breath and let go!  Let go of control because not only did you not have control in the first place – you can’t control it!  So begin to focus on other things more positive.

Your Attitude

Your attitude is everything.  Everyone is an individual, including their attitude but if your attitude is negative – it’s a safe bet that your thoughts are negative too.  It’s no way to survive a storm, nonetheless staying rooted!  The storm you’re facing will pluck you up so easily!  This is easier said than done but you have to stay positive!  When you have a positive attitude everything will feel better and eventually the storm will pass.  If someone remains negative, the storm could end up lasting longer than it needs to be or ever intended.  If you need inspiration to stay focused on positive attitude and thoughts, simply study about Jesus and all the storms he went through while on Earth.  It will definitely inspire you!

Spread Love

When a storm hits, no one wants to think about it but they can’t seem to escape it.  This is normal but the best way to keep your mind off it and to make the storm pass quicker is to help someone else.  Helping others not only helps the other person, it also helps you humble yourself regarding your storm and the issues it brings.  It helps you and other people to realize that no matter how tough your storm may be, someone else’s storm is worse than yours.  Love overcomes all!

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