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Is Fasting Like Dieting?

What Is Fasting

Since the diet trend has boomed in our society, the word fasting has been thrown around quite a bit.  There’s the Juice Fast, Fruit Fast, Water Fast and many, many more.  The idea of fasting in the diet world draws plenty of people every day because it promises instant results within a matter of the first week.  Results may vary person to person, as well, even though fasting has been glamorized, and it comes with risk and a severe amount of dedication.  Since the dieting craze has made fasting so popular people have either forgotten the actual fasting or have no clue about it.  Perhaps now is a great time to go over that fasting actually originated for spiritual purposes.

What About Fasting

fastingHow One Can Fast

If fasting is your first time at the rodeo, it’s wise to not take on a huge fast.  In all actuality it’s not only smart but healthier for you to start off small.  Eventually with time and fast after fast, you can go longer and harder.  There are some people fast by refraining from food and drink all together, while others only eat food and drink at supper time, and then some fast with just liquids – refraining from food.  How to fast should be decided between you and God.  Make sure to pray about whether to fast or not.  A lot of people begin to fast – liking the idea – without ever stopping to see if this is what God wants them to do.

Prayer and Fasting Go Hand in Hand

Prayer is vital during fasting.  When one denies their bodies the pleasures of food and or water, that the body has grown accustomed to, it can be an arduous struggle during fasting.  The temptation to have a bite of a French fry or to sip on a nice carbonated beverage will always been there but sometimes more than others the temptation is almost unbearable.  Prayer – it doesn’t have to be fifteen minutes long – it can help overcome the temptations of hunger and that nasty attitude that comes with denying the food and or drink it craves.  Prayer also helps you strengthen you spiritually as well it helps you see things in a different light – if not clearer.

How Long To Fast For

There is no set guideline for how long one should fast for.  Some churches have certain fasts they follow and they have a set timeframe.  However, you should talk with God regarding if you should fast and for how long.  As well, your health should be taken into consideration.  Some people feel the need to do a long and strenuous fast for all the wrong reasons.  Some want to do it for the bragging, while others truly want to deepen their connection with God.  Keep in mind that you don’t have to do a long fast to obtain favor from God.  Just the simple fact that you want to fast, show discipline and devote yourself is enough for God – not the length.

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