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spiritual wellness

Spiritual Wellness – Are You in Good Spiritual Shape?

New years resolutions and your spiritual wellness.

Now that we’re about two weeks into 2013, how’s your resolution going?  If you’re like a lot of people, you made some kind of resolution to get into better shape this year.  Maybe you started a new diet.  Maybe you signed up for a membership at your local gym.  Maybe you splurged on the $300 P90X workout set.

If you made a resolution like this, it’s because you have a standard for your own physical well-being…a standard that you failed to live up to last year.

Fortunately, when you hang the 2013 calendar on the wall, you get a fresh start.  You can look at the new year as a clean slate.  It’s time to fit back into pants without an elastic waistband.  It’s time to get rid of that double-chin.

But how much is your spiritual wellness a nagging concern?  If you take a week off your new workout plan, it’s not long before the mirror reveals your love handles are back, and the button on your jeans is hanging on by a thread.  So you get back at your routine.

But if you get lazy with your spiritual wellness, you don’t have the same visible reminders to nudge you back onto the right track.  It’s far too easy to keep going about your life, ignoring all the warning signs.  We hit the snooze on Sunday morning.  We get out of any kind of prayer routine.  Our Bibles start collecting dust.  We act like nothing’s wrong.

But when you do open up your Bible, you find an assessment as clear as the numbers on your digi-scale.  It reminds you of the standard you should be living up to.  It tells you that you’ve failed to live up to it.  It tells you to get back on the right track.

The easiest reaction is to ignore all these warning signs, because they’re unpleasant.  It’s way easier to pretend like everything is just fine.  But just like ignoring the numbers on the scale, ignoring God can be dangerous.  That’s why the apostle Paul teaches that spiritual living is a daily struggle, similar to that of an athlete.  We can’t take time off and expect to stay in good shape.  Every day, we have a responsibility to stay on top of it.

So how do you do that?

1)  Public worship.  Hearing God’s word and receiving the sacrament is how God nourishes you spiritually.

2)  Prayer.  God tells you to bring all your concerns to him.  Prayer is a way to stay connected to God in a private and intimate way.

3)  Personal devotion.  Read a manageable portion of the Bible daily, or find a good devotional book to keep your mind on God every day.

4)  People.  Talk to other Christians about faith and spirituality.  Often you can learn more from a interpersonal dialogue that you can from solitary studying.

God bless your efforts!

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