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Time for Prayer

Squeezing In Time for Prayer

How to make time for Prayer

The Hustle and Bustle of Life

The world isn’t going to quit turning and the demands of life aren’t going to stop anytime soon, either.  To the point, the demands of everyday life can consume every part of you, including your prayer time with God.  People everyday make excuses as to why they don’t have time to make for God, but if you or anyone else can squeeze in a quick lunch or dinner in with friends, you can take ten minutes of your time everyday and dedicate it to God.  It’s not about the time but the effort made to connect with God.  You’ll discover that ten easy minutes with God will improve your life amazingly, and here are a few squeezing in spots to do it.

In The Morning

Unless you wait until the last minute to prepare for your day, morning times are perfect!  It’s a beginning of a new day and why not ask God to help you through the day and bring on some blessings.  While the coffee is brewing or your microwavable breakfast is cooking, sit down for a second and just pray.  It doesn’t have to be specific, it can merely be praising God for waking you up today and ask for a blessed day.  If you have a house full of school children, you’re not exempt either!  Instead of rise and shine with your children, get up fifteen minutes to a half hour earlier than your children.  This will allow you to have some quiet prayer time and a little time to yourself that you most likely won’t get.

In The Car

Time for Prayer Believe it or not, you spend more time sitting in a vehicle than you do almost anywhere else!  If you so happen to be alone in your car and are sitting in traffic or driving somewhere, there’s an opportunity to pray!  You could be driving to the doctors for a routine checkup or a follow up where you will be given results.  Simply talk to God about it and pray for what you would like to happen, but also express your trust in Him.  You could have had a bad day at work, bickering with your spouse and you have to pick up the kids in a few minutes.  You don’t think you’re going to be able to make it and all you have to do is just talk to Him and pray for the strength to carry on.

“I myself pray daily in the commute to work, the traffic jam becomes time to yourself instead of a nuisance. But keep your eyes on the road! I use a prayer rope to focus and count my prayers.”

During Lunch

Whether you work or go to school, lunch time will be incorporated into your schedule.  Depending on the allotted time, it could be anywhere from a half hour to an hour.  That’s enough time to purchase some lunch, sit at a table and read His word while praying here and there.  If you end up going out with a group of friends for lunch, try to pray together.  If you’re uncomfortable to ask, then bring up the topic of prayer or things pertaining to God.  Keeping your mind focused on God is good.  If you’re a parent and are home with your children, teach them how to pray! It is never too early to show them the basics of prayer and what better way to teach than during lunch time!  Simply praise God for the food and ask to be blessed.

At Night

After a long day, all you want to do is shower, eat and then go to bed.  Possibly push some television time in there somewhere.  Its how a lot of people feel because they’re tired and have most likely encountered a lot during that time and all they want to do is relax.  Most likely, a good chunk of the house will be quiet during the night and this is the perfect time to unwind and give it all to God.  Find a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted and just pray and talk about your experiences today, what’s weighing heavy on your heart and mind.  When you do this with quietness surrounding you, you will be able to hear clearly if the spirit or God is prompting you to do something or is answering something for you.

Do you have any tips how we can make time for prayer? Please leave a comment!

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