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maintaining peace

Why Maintaining Peace Is Important Spiritually

Maintaining Peace, Even If You Don’t Want To

The Reality of People

People are everywhere.  They’re on the roads, where you work, at the store and literally almost every place you go.  Since being amongst people, nonetheless socializing with them on a day to day base, there can be a few hiccups here and there.  Someone at work can openly question your dedication to the team behind your back, an aunt can make a rude comment about your lifestyle or a person at the grocery store is unloading twenty items in front of you in a line for ten items or less.  It’s safe to say these people can disturb peace without trying or really knowing.  You may want to unleash a war, battle to the end, but God wants you to maintain the peace – just like Jesus.

Why to Maintain the Peace

You may be wondering why you can’t sharpen your knives and prepare to go to war and why maintaining the peace is so important.  The thing is, going to war with someone who disturbs the peace knowingly or unknowingly solves nothing.  If not, it makes it worse than it already is and you look no better than the perpetrator.   Plus, sometimes saying nothing and doing nothing says more than words and actions combined.  As well, sometimes, if not always, we need to leave the justice dealing to God.  No earthly justice we can serve can compare to God’s, we have to allow Him control.

How to Maintain the Peace

Like mentioned above, there are some people who disturb the peace knowingly.  When people do this it’s safe to assume that they’re not happy with themselves, if not their life.  So, in order to create a diversion of their own happiness, they try their best spread the unhappiness unto others.  What they want is to create a rise out of you and if you entertain their efforts of disturbing the peace, you’re falling right into their trap.  Maintaining the peace means to go beyond what is necessary to keep it.  That means taking the high road, keeping your mouth shut, treating the perpetrator with kindness, and allowing God to serve the justice.

As well, some people who disturb the peace do it unknowingly.  The can make a comment that’s rude, act insensitively and so on without ever knowing they’ve done something to offend someone.  Treating this situation is no differently. Take the high road, keep your mouth shut and go on with your life.  Nonetheless, take the time to talk to God about the issue.  Maybe the person who disturbed the peace needs a prayer or two because they’re going through a difficult time in their life.  God always favors those who show mercy, no different than the mercy He shows you every day.

Maintaining the Peace for a Better You

People who sharpen their knives and prepare to wage war on someone who disturbed their peace, isn’t spiritually mature.  Sure, you might slip up here and there and get carried away, but if you’re waging war on every little thing, you’re far from standing firm in the root of God.  The ideal way is to not be swayed or moved by anything but what God instills in your spirit and His word. Plenty of people took their fair share of disturbing Jesus’ peace during his time spent on Earth but none of it ever moved him.  Instead, he focused on his relationship with God and His word. So, take a few notes on how Jesus maintained the peace and apply it to your everyday life to help you become a better you!

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  1. Great advice. Sometimes the best way to “be heard” is to turn the other cheek. If nothing else, at least you’ll know you responded in a God glorifying manner. 🙂

    1. Thank you for commenting!

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