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Why You Should Practice Forgiveness

Forgiveness is vital for spiritual freedom

Forgiveness, it’s something a lot of people talk about all day, but never come close to actually doing it.  There are people who have been carrying a heavy burden in their heart, weighing down their spirit, and that’s the lack of forgiveness.  It could be for something a couple hours ago, or for something that took place two decades ago.  The longer someone has failed to forgive, the longer they hold themselves in spiritual bondage.  Failing to forgive can block a lot of potential blessing God has in store for you and you will never live victoriously in your spiritual journey because you’re holding onto the past.

Why It’s Important To Forgive

Why You Should Forgive Imagine walking into the doctor’s office and the doctor instructed you to shrug off all the excess baggage you’ve been carrying around.  You listen to the doctor and then take a look at what you’re carrying and then how light you feel.  You will wonder exactly why you were holding onto all of that for so long, when you could have felt this good all along. When you hold onto negative things of the past, you can never really move forward.  Even though the days keep changing and the years pass by, you’re still stuck at some point in the past.  A lot of the good things God has in store for you will never make it past all that garbage you’re carrying.

Why It’s Hard To Forgive

The main reason why it’s hard to forgive is because the person doesn’t know how forgiveness works.  Forgiveness is not for the other person, but for you!  It’s a healing process and it’s your way of acknowledging that it took place but you’re not going to let it affect your future.  As well, there are many steps to forgiveness, it just doesn’t happen overnight, it’s serious work. The first step is to want to forgive and from there, you will slowly embark on your quest of forgiveness. Each day you will have to work at it until it doesn’t cross your mind. It seems too good to be true but it eventually happens that way.

I Can’t Forgive

If you feel this way, you’re not alone, but this is a wrong mindset. Even though you feel like you can’t forgive, ask God to show you how to forgive. God wants to be able to reach out and touch your heart and he can’t do that when you’re clouded with so much lack of forgiveness.  To help inspire your journey through forgiveness, keep in mind that the one who has caused offense to you is most likely not even thinking of the event, so why waste your time? Why waste even one more day holding resentment when the offender hasn’t thought about it? Set yourself free!

Lack Of Forgiveness Is A Disease

When you choose not to forgive, you’re putting up a barrier that will grow thicker and thicker with each passing day.  You’ll be able to be happy periodically but at one point in time, you’ll realize a lot of your issues stem from your lack of forgiveness. If you choose not to let go of the past, like mentioned above, you’ll never be released from the bondage.  You will be living in a constant state of the past; eventually the disease of it will eat you alive. There are many choices in life, but you should always choose what’s going to make you happy in the end and almost always, that’s forgiveness, it is the key and it is a beautiful gift to yourself. So, why don’t you take it and ask God for instructions on how to maintain it.

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