We want to dedicate this post to our customers that have heavily contributed to our success. Now just 3 months after starting to offer our prayer bracelets and prayer necklaces online we have already had the pleasure to ship these lovely products to over 14 countries. We are very happy that we can spread these special and holy products and their wonderful story over the world.

We did not imagine that we could reach such a wide audience when we started our online endeavor, especially because our online store is mostly available in English. To overcome this hurdle we will be adding support for other languages in the new year.

In 2011 some new products will be added as well, we will be adding a new type of Saint Bracelet and a leather version of the Prayer Bracelet to our portfolio. The new type of Saint Bracelet is a mix of an Orthodox Leather Bracelet (which is a new product that we have added recently) and a Icon Bracelet. Also the Navy Blue Prayer Bracelet will be coming back into our list of products.

To end this post we want to give a big warm “THANK YOU” from the heart to all our customers that have made all of this possible.

We at PrayerBracelet extend our best wishes for a joyous holiday season and a wonderful new year.