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prayer rope in Hermitage Museum

Prayer Rope in the Hermitage Museum

Ancient Prayer Rope in a museum in Amsterdam.

Last weekend, we paid a visit to Amsterdam’s Hermitage Museum for some cultural inspiration and had a look at its newest exhibition, currently featuring Flemish painters: Rubens , Van Dyck and Jordaan. It is also presenting a smaller exhibit on St Petersburg and Russia. The Hermitage tends to  exhibit an abundance of paintings, artifacts and ancient objects, pertaining to the thematic content of the current exhibition. This time, it did not fail to surprise us; we were very pleased to find a wood and metal Rosary necklace, tracing back to the 19th century with its origins in Mount Athos, Greece. In it’s original form, the inscription at the top reads: “The Holy Blessed Grand Prince Aleander Nevsky”, while the inscription on the scroll states: “God is not in might but in truth”. For those of you less familiar with its history, Mount Athos is the holy mountain of Greece, home to many Orthodox monasteries and a sacred place of holiness.

Its presence at the Hermitage signified its importance, not only for the Orthodox followers, but also for the sake of preserving history and its roots in religion. It is worth your time to have a look if you are – or plan to be – in Amsterdam prior to the end of this exhibition in March, it is highly recommended. We are proud to have this sacred emblem as a reminder of our own cultural history.

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I hope to see more and more ancient prayer rope  in museums across the world, especially now that the Orthodox prayer rope has become so very popular. People can that way learn of its rich and wonderful ancient history.

Hehe.. A prayer rope is called a “gebedssnoer” in the Netherlands.


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